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    Every 10 Years- Round 7


    The year is 1988, so add 10 to each person's age.

    Use this dice when rolling:

    Roll for anyone over 60:
    Still alive?
    Even= yes
    Odd= no

    Relationships: (children aged 18+ can roll to determine a relationship status)

    If previously...
    Married: 1=widowed, 2, 3, 4, 5= still married, 6=divorced
    Engaged: 1=roll for new relationsip, 2=got married, but now widowed/divorced (roll for new relationship), 3-6= married
    Dating: 1, 2, 3= married, 4, 5, 6= roll for new relationship
    Single: roll for new relationship

    New Relationships:
    1. married
    2. single
    3. engaged
    4. dating
    5. married
    6. married

    Number of Children:

    If mother is 20-25
    1. 1
    2. none
    3. 2
    4. none

    If mother is 26-42
    1. 3
    2. none
    3. 2
    4. 2
    5. none
    6. 1
    7. 1
    8. none
    9. 1
    10. 3

    Roll 4 sided dice

    Even: girl
    Odd: boy


    If mother is 20-25
    1- infant
    2- 3
    3- 2
    4- 4
    5- 1
    6- infant

    If mother is 26-42:
    1- 5
    2- 6
    3- 1
    4- 9
    5- infant
    6- 4
    7- 8
    8- 2
    9- 7
    10- 3

    First and Middle Names:
    2. Use original couple's names as inspiration:
    4. Use any medalist's name:
    5. Boys: Uriel, Travon, Tremayne, Jabari, Jasen, Cristobal, Hayden, Chadd, Armand, Channing, Giuseppe, Dedrick, D'Angelo, Tavares, Jory, Jamin
    Girls: Tenisha, Mai, Leilani, Mariel, Brittny, Brittaney, Ronda, Bertha, Janessa, Vickie, Phylicia, Ashlyn, Lindy, Jenni, Juliet, Krysten
    6. Use any character's name:
    9. A name used by someone else in the family
    12. Choose from either name generated:

    Last Names:
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    DH [d, 75] George Henry Warnes
    DW [d, 76] Amelia Maeve Campos
    DD [d, 64] Evelyn Louise Warnes 'Evie'
    DS [53] Cornell Evert Warnes


    DD [d, 64] Evie
    DH [65] Noah Graham Kuno
    DS [38] Mikael Erasmo Kuno
    -DGF [42] Imogen Roseanna Bartholomew
    -DS [19] Talbot Austyn Kuno
    -DD [11] Josephine Mila Kuno 'Josie'
    -DS [11] Thaddeus Chester Kuno 'Tad'
    DD [35] Joni Anita Kuno
    -DH [41] Jaxson Mykel Caulfield
    -DD/DS [7] Lucy Harper Caulfield/James Carter Caulfield
    -DS [1] Miles Liam Caulfield

    DS [53] Cornell
    DW [54] Siena Florence Brightley
    DS [29] Patrick Coleman Warnes 'Pat'
    -DW [29] Mollie Rosalinda Mussachio
    -DS [2] Crosby Graham Warnes
    DD [24] Michele Renee Warnes
    -DH [22] Channing Hayden Pond
    DS [24] Nigel Harvey Warnes
    -DW [22] Benjamin Scott Dent 'Benji'

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    DH: Stanley Frederick Sullivan (passed away at age 77)
    DW: Ada Florence Jagdale Sullivan (92)

    DS1: Burt Woodrow Sullivan (would be 69, passed away at age 68)
    --Broke up with Mary Dolores Webster (68)
    --Divorced Tatiana Matilda Solnick Sullivan (would be 66, passed away at age 59)
    -----DS1: Perry Hayes Sullivan (38)
    -------Married to Brenda Tammy Cabot Sullivan (37)
    ----------DS1: Hayes Perry Sullivan (13)
    ----------DS2: Cabot Marchello Sullivan (3)
    ----------DD1: Chloe Kaytlynn Sullivan (1)
    --Widower of DeeAnna Jo Broadrick (passed away at age 42)
    -----DS2: Mikeal Vincent Sullivan (32)
    -------Divorced Sharonda Maria Tomeoni Sullivan (30)
    ----------DD1: Julie Margaret Sullivan (11)
    -------Married to Michelle Lucille Brownlee Sullivan (33)
    ----------DS1: Michael Emmett Sullivan (8)
    -----DS3: David Wayne Sullivan (31)
    -------Married to Deborah "Debbie" Christine Wilkins Sullivan (32)
    ----------DD1: Tracy Hyacynth Sullivan (14)
    -----DS4: Derek Jay Sullivan (20)
    -------Married to Ivy Shaela Wagstaff Sullivan (23)
    ----------DD1: Miranda Martine Sullivan (2)
    -----DS5: Dion Paul Sullivan (17)
    --Married to Barbara Lillian Molina Sullivan (40)
    -----DS6: Jamey Keven Sullivan (13)
    -----DS7: Bryon Todd Sullivan (11)
    -----DD1: Melissa Brittaney Sullivan (4)

    DS2: Emmit Cleve Sullivan (69)
    --Divorced Della Marilyn Kunin Sullivan (62)

    DS3: Dante Wardell Sullivan (67)
    --Married to Jane Jeanette Bossert Sullivan (would be 66, passed away at age 64)
    -----DS1: Walter James Sullivan (44)
    -------Widower of Betty Melanie Rosales Sullivan (would be 44, passed away at age 35)
    ----------DS1: Mitchell Stanley Sullivan (20)
    ------------Married to Phylicia Claudia Navarro Sullivan (22)
    ---------------DD1: Krysten Danielle Sullivan (infant)

    DS4: Arvin Malcom Sullivan (would be 62, passed away at age 61)
    --Married Rosina Ingrid Weddleton Sullivan (would be 60, passed away at age 59)
    -----DD1: Ellyn Joleen Sullilvan Trostle (34)
    -------Married to Ronald "Ron" Randell Trostle (39)
    ----------DS1: Jake Korin Trostle (11)
    ----------DS2: Kent Roman Trostle (10)
    ----------DD1: Layla Amber Trostle (9)
    -----DD2: Florence Jeanine Sullivan Weitzman (29)
    -------Married to Floyd Stephen Weitzman (33)
    ----------DS1: Donovan Roy Weitzman (12)
    -----DS1: Frederick "Fred" Yves Sullivan (28)
    -------Married to Lana Lola Poff Sullivan (27)
    ----------DD1: Jenna Juliet Sullivan (4)
    -----DD3: Darla Catalina Sullivan Daugherty (21)
    -------Married to Michael "Mike" Rex Daugherty (22)
    -----DS2: Darron Malcolm Sullivan (21)
    -------Dating Claudia Tiffany Hernandez (18)

    DS5: Rowland Quenby Sullivan (would be 61, passed away at age 53)
    --Divorced Maria Janie Jess Sullivan (would be 61, passed away at age 58)
    -----DD1: Madeleine Anne Sullivan Bontempo (32)
    -------Married to Stewart Ronald Bontempo (32)
    ----------DS1: Carson Lee Bontempo (10)
    ----------DD1: Amanda Sue Bontempo (8)
    ----------DS2: Adrian Neal Bontempo (5)
    ----------DD2: Kimberly Jess Bontempo (3)
    -----DS1: Trenton Scott Sullivan (28)
    -------Married to Patricia Pauline Gilman Sullivan (26)
    ---------DD1: Christa Andrea Sullivan (6)
    ---------DD2: Brittany Rebekkah Sullivan (1)

    DS6: Hilliard Rufus Sullivan (61)
    --Married to Judy Vernice Foscarota Sullivan (62)
    -----DS1: Alex Eugene Sullivan (41)
    -------Divorced JoAnn Lola DeMonde Sullivan (43)
    ----------DS1: Connor Hilliard Sullivan (23)
    ----------DD1: Alex Brenden Sullivan (16)
    ----------DS2: Ty Robert Sullivan (14)
    ----------DD2: Jodie Diane Sullivan (10)
    ------Married to Feronia Emilia Ramos (22)
    -----DD1: Martha Cheryll Sullivan Friis (40)
    -------Married to Judd Arwel Friis (44)
    ----------DD1: Kayla Rose Friis (13)
    ----------DD2: Karie Emily Friis (13)
    ----------DD3: Amy Ruby Friis (5)
    ----------DS1: Ford Warren Friis (4)
    ----------DS2: Frederick "Fred" Raymond Friis (4)
    -----DD2: Karen Elaine Sullivan Breston (35)
    -------Broke up with Daniel "Dan" Layne Prior (33)
    ----------DS1: Dustin Jarred Prior (10)
    -------Married to Steve Richard Breston (39)
    -----DD3: Lori Charlene Sullivan (31)
    -------Broke up with Luke Micha Savage (31)
    ---------DS1: Steven Tai Savage (8)
    ---------DS2: Cordaro Luke Savage (8)
    -------Engaged to Joseluis Akiva Diaz (30)
    ---------DD1: Rosanna Izobel Diaz (4)
    -----DD4: Renee Claudia Sullian Magretta (30)
    -------Married to Vito Benicio Magretta (52)
    ----------DD1: Nicole Bianca Magretta (9)
    ----------DS1: Daniel Rio Magretta (1)
    -----DS2: Daniel "Danny" Marlon Sullivan (29)
    -------Married to Juniper Coralie Birch Sullivan (28)
    ---------DS1: John Clayton Sullivan (9)
    ---------DS2: Jacob "Jake" Brandon Sullivan (5)
    -----DS3: Joseph "Joey" Perry Sullivan (26)
    -------Married to Jenilee Anne Denshaw (26)

    DD1: Anita Joanne Sullivan Gambel (56)
    --Married to Bruce Alfred Gambel (58)
    -----DS1: Skip Clifford Gambel (39)
    -------Married to Shelly Deneen Dunbar Gambel (38)
    ----------DS1: Skip Clifford Gambel, Jr. (5)
    ----------DS2: Noah Kenneth Gambel (5)
    ----------DS3: Jason Chadd Gambel (4)
    -----DS2: Kennard "Kenny" Wayne Gambel (33)
    -------Broke up with Shirley Marianne Siu (34)
    -------Dating Laura Mary Laplace (27)
    -----DS3: Terrence "Terry" Quentin Gambel (28)
    -------Married to Sandi Laureen Sikorski Gambel (28)
    -----DD1: Maxine Roseanne Gambel (26)
    -------Engaged to Timothy "Tim" Armand Furmage (28)
    ----------DS1: Dylan Quinn Furmage (2)
    ----------DD1: Maggie Ashlyn Furmage (1)
    ----------DS2: Riley Jack Furmage (1)
    -----DD2: Joanne Florence Gambel Lockhart (21)
    -------Married to Mark Trumaine Lockhart (22)
    ----------DS1: David Clayborne Lockhart (2)
    ----------DD1: Tiffany Katherine Lockhart (1)
    -----DS4: Benjamin "Ben" Bruce Gambel (20)
    -------Married to Lisa Barbara Donelly Gambel (19)

    DD2: Gloria Patricia Sullivan Shumaker Rooney Rothley (54)
    --Divorced Deryl Maurice Shumaker (53)
    -----DD1: Sonja Margaret Shumaker Colvin (32)
    -------Married to Garry Landis Colvin (34)
    ----------DD1: Margaret "Meg" Annemarie Colvin (7)
    ----------DS1: Christopher "Chris" Timothy Colvin (1)
    -----DS1: Carl Noel Shumaker (32)
    -------Married to Chana Elisabeth Mosteller Shumaker (32)
    ----------DD1: Tiffanie Tamara Shumaker (11)
    ----------DD2: Jalissa Nicole Shumaker (9)
    ----------DS1: Bradley "Brad" Shane Shumaker (6)
    ----------DS2: Piers Jerimiah Shumaker (2)
    --Divorced Quinn Dallas Rooney (57)
    -----DS2: Troy Patrick Rooney (25)
    -------Married to Nancy Lola Santos Rooney (25)
    --Married to Tavaris Patrick Rothley (52)

    DD3: Rosetta Martha Sullivan Robards Dean (51)
    --Divorced Raymond Phillip Robards (54)
    -----DS1: Denver Marc Robards (29)
    -------Divorced Vickie Luvinia Riordan Robards (28)
    --Married to Keith Lesley Dean (69)
    -----DD1: Juliet Victoria Dean (18)
    -----DS2: Nicolas "Nicky" Keith Dean (16)
    -----DD2: Vanessa Michelle Dean (16)

    DD4: Elizabeth "Betty" Nelda Sullivan Salinas (50)
    --Broke off engagement to Kirk Danniel Caswell (50)
    -----DD1: Kenya Elizabeth Caswell Rakins (28)
    -------Married to Zachariah Kendall Rakin (33)
    -----DS1: Duncan Austin Caswell (28)
    -------Broke up with Eve Joann Hausman (25)
    -------Married to Laura Vickie Taggert Caswell (26)
    ----------DS1: Kristoffer "Kris" Jack Caswell (5)
    ----------DD1: Diandra Emmalee Caswell (5)
    ----------DD2: Teela Serena Caswell (1)
    --Broke up with Irving "Irv" Paul LaSalle (45)
    -----DS2: Matthew Everett LaSalle (17)
    --Married to Richard "Rick" Carl Salinas (35)
    -----DD2: Azalea Jane Salinas (15)
    -----DS3: Brandon Clay Salinas (15)
    -----DD3: Crystal Sue Salinas (15)

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    DH: Edward "Ed" Bertram Clontz (92)
    DW: Sarah Cordia Seymour Clontz (would be 97, passed away at age 86)


    DD1: Ozella Jane Clontz Demirjian (64)
    --Widower of Dalton Conrad Wainwright (would be 66, passed away at age 41)
    --Married to Fabien Claude Demirjian (69)

    ----DD1: Rachel Elizabeth Wainwright Halloway (42)
    ------Married to Mitchell Raleigh Halloway (43)
    --------DS1: Riley Malcolm Halloway (13)
    --------DD1: Erika Nicole Halloway (9)
    --------DS2: David Roland Halloway (7)

    ----DD2: Emilie Laura Wainwright Warburton LaFontaine (41)
    ------Widower of Cliff Stacy Warburton (would be 45, passed away at age)
    ------Married to Elliot Dwight LaFontaine (47)

    ----DS1: Leonard "Paul" Wainwright (37)
    ------Married to Anette Susan Moss Wainwright (32)
    --------DD1: Abigail "Abby" Nicole Wainwright (1)

    ----DS2: Martin Boyce Wainwright (35)
    ------Married to Joan Remi Drake Wainwright (35)
    --------DD1: Vanessa Danelle Wainwright (10)
    --------DD2: Jalissa Beth Wainwright (7)

    ----DS3: Danniel "Danny" Thomas Wainwright (30)
    ------Married to Josie Diane Matalka Wainwright (32)
    --------DS1: Matthew Ryan Wainwright (10)
    --------DS2: Scott Eaton Wainwright (7)


    DS1: Ralph Eugene Clontz (57)
    --Married to Glennie Anne Ballance Clontz (57)

    ----DS1: Jerry Craig Clontz (39)
    ------Divorced Deborah "Debbie" Pauline Portoso Clontz (38)
    --------DS1: Justin James Clontz (13)
    ------Married to Kay Rebecca Colton Clontz (40)

    ----DD1: Debi Elise Clontz Nofal (37)
    ------Married to Frank Robert Nofal (37)
    --------DS1: Brannon Robert Nofal (16)

    ----DD2: Norine Beverly Clontz Newhall (36)
    ------Married to Sydney David Newhall (39)
    --------DD1: Shanay Christine Newhall (13)
    --------DD2: Brandie Sue Newhall (13)
    --------DD3: Anaya Leanne Newhall (11)
    --------DD4: Jennifer Crystal Newhall (9)
    --------DS1: Dylan Chadd Newhall (4)
    --------DD5: Ashlee Danielle Newhall (1)

    ----DS2: Kevin Dean Clontz (24)
    ------Engaged to Rosemary Rebekkah Ubsdale (20)
    --------DD1: Sarah Kimberly Clontz (3)

    ----DD3: Edvin Troy Clontz (24)
    ------Married to Linda Caroline Madley Clontz (24)
    --------DD1: Kaytlynn Caroline Clontz (infant)

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    DH: Walter Adam Gati (deceased)
    DW: Lily Ellen (Craig) Gati (91)

    DS1: John Ewell Gati (69)
    -DW: Dena Anne (Reiff) Gati (59)
    --DS1: Gordon Leroy Gati (38)
    ---DW: Sue Velvet (Flynn) Gati (40)
    ----DS1: Ryan Robert Gati (4)
    ----DD1: Amy Christina Gati (3)
    ----DD2: Emily Crystal Gati (2)
    --DD1: Glenda Victoria (Gati) Tomkins (35, twin)
    ---DH: Randell Carson Tomkins (40)
    ----DS1: Kendrick Dallas Tomkins (12)
    ----DS2: Malcolm Everett Tomkins (10)
    ----DS3: Carter Barnes Tomkins (3)
    --DD2: Regina Beverly (Gati) Fields (35, twin)
    ---DH: James Bernard Fields (37)

    DD1: Gloria Maybell (Gati) Lachmann (deceased)
    -ExBf: Clarence Louis Charles (deceased)
    --DS1: Arthur Isaac Charles (44)
    ---ExGf: Angela Lauren Fleetwood (44)
    ----DD1: Kendra Roseanne Charles (21)
    -----DFiance: Philip Peter Simonelli (23)
    ------DD1: Rachel Courtney Simonelli (2)
    ---ExFiancee: Marci Allyson Lesperance (36)
    ----DD2: Sarah Danielle Charles (9)
    ---DW: Rebekkah Myah (Brookwood) Charles (32)
    ----DS1: Daniel Timothy Charles (6)
    ----DD3: Erin Michelle Charles (3)
    --DD1: Phoebe Scarlett (Charles) Byers (42)
    ---DH: Boston Montana Byers (44)
    ----DS1: Richard Roland Byers (21)
    -----DW: Ashlyn Phylicia (Knowles) Byers (21)
    ------DD1: Rosalie Jane Byers (1)
    ------DD2: Cecilia Iris Byers (infant)
    ----DS2: Chester Gene Byers (16)
    ----DD1: Felicia Jo Byers (15)
    -DH: Steven Julius Lachmann (deceased)
    --StepDD1: Adeline Carmela (Lachmann) (Brenton) Whitton (48, twin)
    ---DH: Roy Myles Brenton (deceased)
    ----DS1: Tod Cary Brenton (28)
    -----DW: Eleanor Riley (Shepard) Brenton (28)
    ----DD1: Dina Lynette Brenton (24, twin)
    ----DS2: Daren Vance Brenton (24, twin)
    -----DW: Bretta Delise (Cambias) Brenton (24)
    ---DH: John Arthur Whitton (53)
    ----StepDS1: Jarred Woodrow Whitton (26)
    -----DW: Allison Kyle (Craggius) Whitton (24)
    ----StepDS2: Keven Jasper Whitton (25)
    -----DGf: Allison Suzanne Diggle (25)
    ------DD1: Jalissa Cherrelle Whitton (infant)
    ----DD2: Mollie Danelle Whitton (13)
    --StepDD2: Alana Sharon (Lachmann) Rosebottom (48, twin)
    ---DH: Emery Joaquin Rosebottom (52)
    ----DD1: Maya Kathy Rosebottom (22)
    ----DS1: Eoghan Christopher Rosebottom (18, twin)
    ----DS2: Callum Martin Rosebottom (18, twin)
    ----DD2: Tara Charlotte Rosebottom (14)
    --StepDS1: Andrew Bridger Lachmann (46)
    ---DW: Layla Maeve (Mitzman) Lachmann (41)
    ----DS1: Bruce Marlon Lachmann (19)
    ----DD1: Liza Suzanne Lachmann (12, twin)
    ----DS2: Henry Lee Lachmann (12, twin)
    --StepDD3: Amelia Rose (Lachmann) Lakefield (42)
    ---DH: Arnold Alen Lakefield (42)
    ----DD1: Rose Alana Lakefield (18)
    ----DS1: Alen Andrew Lakefield (17)
    ----DD2: Maeve Adeline Lakefield (15)

    DS2: Thomas Parker Gati (deceased)
    -ExFiancee: Chana Abigail McCredie (62)
    --DS1: Calvin Clarence Gati (38, twin)
    --DS2: Samuel Raymond Gati (38, twin)
    ---DW: Tabatha Jeannette (Keith) Gati (36)
    --DS3: Francis Victor Gati (35)
    ---ExDW: Tracy Margaret Girvin (32)
    ----DD1: Emmalee Nicole Gati (5)
    ----DD2: Rylee Vanessa Gati (4)
    --DS4: Stanley Lawrence Gati (32)
    ---DW: Martina Evonne (Kronecker) Gati (33)
    ----DS1: Culver Thomas Gati (10)
    ----DD1: Osla Michelle Gati (7)
    ----DS2: Mirren David Gati (2)
    ----DS3: Auley Matthew Gati (1)
    -DW: Ella Adrienne (McDermott) Gati (56)
    --DS5: Thomas Parker Gati, Jr. (21, triplet)
    ---DW: Zoe Breann (Vance) Gati (21)
    ----DD1: Caitlin Diann Gati (3)
    ----DD2: Andrea Lillian Gati (infant)
    --DS6: Walter Adam Gati (21, triplet)
    ---DW: Amanda Katherine (Henning) Gati (21)
    --DS7: John Louis Gati (21, triplet)
    ---DFiancee: Lena Winifred Mallory (22)
    --DS8: Joseph Patrick Gati (19)
    --DS9: Corbin Benjamin Gati (17)

    DD2: Greta Christene (Gati) Ries (deceased)
    -DH: Mark Leonard Ries (deceased)
    --DS1: Noel William Ries (37)
    ---DW: Natalie Victoria (Rafferty) Ries (35)
    ----DD1: Cassandra Louise Ries (9)
    ----DD2: Brooke Joanne Ries (1, twin)
    ----DS1: Dean Cameron Ries (1, twin)
    --DD1: Mary Barbara (Ries) Vera (35)
    ---DH: Kent Stewart Vera (38)
    ----DD1: Maura Taryn Vera (13)
    ----DS1: Keenan Judd Vera (10)
    ----DD2: Lena Ashlyn Vera (9)
    ----DS2: Ryan Paul Vera (3)
    --DD2: Gail Elaine Ries (34)
    ---ExBf: Vito Leif Tavare (deceased)
    ----DS1: Leo Oliver Tavare (1)
    ----DD1: Anna Grace Tavare (infant)

    DS3: David Daniel Gati (58, twin)
    -DW: Lorrie Jacqueline (Capello) Gati (51)
    --DS1: Derek Claude Capello-Gati (29)
    ---DW: Lauren Clara (Woods) Gati (29)
    ----DD1: Jacqueline Lauren Woods-Gati (infant)
    --DS2: Jude Paul Capello-Gati (24)
    ---DFiancee: Leah Beth Aldham (21)
    --DD1: Hannah Judith Capello-Gati (20)
    ---DBf: Nathan Marcel Santiago (22)
    ----DS1: Jory D'Angelo Santiago (infant)

    DS4: Wayne Manuel Gati (58, twin)
    -DW: Madeleine Renee (Henneke) Gati (deceased)
    --DD1: Holly Darlene Gati (37)
    ---ExFiance: Thaddeus Stephen Gevelinger (38)
    ----DS1: Lucas Freedom Gevelinger (14)
    ----DS2: Quincy August Gevelinger (13)
    ---DBf: Mark Travis Stein (42)
    ----StepDS1: Kelby Rainier Stein (15)
    --DD2: Renee Nadine Gati (35)
    ---DFiance: Steven Gregory Brooks (37)
    ----DD1: Kelly Alicia Brooks (6)
    ----DS1: Brian Duston Brooks (4)
    --DS1: Edwin Gerald Gati (34)
    ---DW: Fiona Autumn (Lewis) Gati (34)
    ----DD1: Eva Jean Gati (6)
    ----DS1: Eric Joseph Gati (5)
    --DD3: Sally Veronica Gati (30)
    --DD4: Julie Teresa Gati (25)
    --DD5: Cindy Rhonda Gati (24)
    -DFiancee: Frances Sharon Elbourne (45)
    --StepDS1: Ross Elliott Tugenberg (21)
    ---DFiancee: Sidonia Annette Larson (21)
    --StepDS2: Conor Levi Tugenberg (20)
    --DD6: Jonie Aileen Gati (15)

    DS5: Roger Martin Gati (56)
    -ExDW: Melodee Valinda Montagnino (58)
    --DD1: Ingrid Elizabeth Gati (36)
    ---DH: Jeffrey Campbell Winter (deceased)
    ----DD1: Sadie Heather Winter (10, twin)
    ----DD2: Serena Jasmine Winter (10, twin)
    ---DFiance: Jesse Damian Russo (38)
    ----StepDS1: Mark Matthew Russo (8)
    ----DS1: Justin Nicholas Russo (1, twin)
    ----DS2: Jacob Jonathan Russo (1, twin)
    --DD2: Tenley Lucille (Gati) Orasi (34)
    ---DH: Benedict Ray Orasi (37)
    ----DD1: Lindsay Amber Orasi (3)
    ----DD2: Brittany April Orasi (infant)
    --DD3: Emma Frances (Gati) Milsom (33)
    ---ExBf: Jamey Scot Letts (32)
    ----DD1: Megan Emma Letts (14, twin)
    ----DD2: Summer Ethyl Letts (14, twin)
    ---DH: Atticus Alden Milsom (36)
    ----DS1: Brantley Trumaine Milsom (7)
    ----DD3: Teela Joi Milsom (4)
    -DW: Virginia Cheyenne (Levski) Gati (47)
    --StepDD1: Violet Germaine Levski (26)
    ---DFiance: Giles Edward Maddock (27)
    ----DD1: Christa Annemarie Maddock (3)

    DD3: Janet Teresa (Gati) Rothschild (51)
    -DH: Kennard Rahn Rothschild (52)
    --DS1: Roger Kennard Rothschild, Jr. (29)
    ---DW: Roslyn Jayne (Collier) Rothschild (24)
    ----DS1: Clayton Ray Rothschild (4)
    ----DS2: Cooper Garrison Rothschild (2)
    --DS2: Rahn Gati Rothschild (27)
    ---DW: Mary Angela (Pye) Rothschild (27)
    ----DD1: Shardae Ellen Rothschild (9)
    ----DD2: Tashina Mary Rothschild (8)
    ----DS1: Corardo Gati Rothschild (6)
    ----DD3: Nereida Janet Rothschild (2)
    --DD1: Lily Janet Rothschild (21)
    --DD2: Kelsi Carol Rothschild (19)
    --DS3: Glen Malachi Rothschild (17)
    --DD3: Ruby Jessica Rothschild (16)
    --DD4: Ivy Susannah Rothschild (11)
    lane marie || sydney hazel || stella grace || olivia lilly || margaret coralie

    james francis || holden finley || rory frederick || charles river || atticus warner

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