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    Nov 2015
    Columbus Ohio

    CAF using initials

    Last name starts with a B, M, or G

    DW(76) GA

    DS1(53): RP Junior
    DS2(50): CA
    DD1/DD2(47): SH, SA
    DS3(45): WK
    DD3(44): CM
    DD4/DS4(33): AJ, AM


    DS1(53): RP
    DExw(50): DAS
    DS1(26) RP
    DS2(24) RS
    DD(21) ZA
    -DW(38): KD
    DD2(14) SO
    DD3(10) MH
    DD4(8) FA
    DD5(4) AH

    DS2(50): CA
    DW(47): VM
    DS1(24): DG
    DS2(21): HC
    DD1(18): ER
    DD2(15): JA

    DD1(47) SH
    DS(18): TM
    DD(14): TA

    DD2(47): SA
    DH(45): DMG
    DD(30): RS
    DD(20): ST
    DS(18): HF
    DD(16): AD

    DH(35): JAK
    DS1/DD1(10) SM/BA
    DD/DD/DD(5): TM/CN/AD

    DD3(44): CM
    DH(46): HGJ
    DS1(16): FS
    DS2(13): FE
    DD1(9): FA

    DD4(33): AJ
    DD(13): OK

    DS4(33): AM
    DExw(35): DGR
    DD1(7) HH
    DD2(5) SA
    -DW TA
    DS1(3) WA
    DD3(NB) WM

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    Mar 2018
    DH(78) Robert Peter Bell
    DW(76) Grace Amelia Bell
    Robert & Grace: Robert Jr, Charles, Sarah, Sylvia, William, Catherine, Anna and Alexander

    DS1(53): Robert Peter Bell Jr "Rob"
    DS2(50): Charles Anthony "Charlie" Bell
    DD1/DD2(47): Sarah Hope Bell, Sylvia Alice Bell
    DS3(45): Willam Kenneth "Will" Bell
    DD3(44): Catherine Mary "Cate" Bell
    DD4/DS4(33): Anna Josephine Bell, Alexander Michael "Alex" Bell


    DS1(53): Rob Bell
    DExw(50): Diana Alícia Suarez
    Rob & Diana: Robert III, Richard and Zora

    DS1(26) Robert Peter Bell III "Robby"
    DS2(24) Richard Samuel "Ricky" Bell
    DD(21) Zora Anne Bell

    -DW(38): Katherine Dorothy "Katie" Bell
    Rob & Katie: Sophie, Madeline, Frances and Ada

    DD2(14) Sophie Olive Bell
    DD3(10) Madeline Hazel Bell
    DD4(8) Frances Aurelia "Francie" Bell
    DD5(4) Ada Helena Bell

    DS2(50): Charlie Bell
    DW(47): Vivian Mary Bell
    Charlie & Vivian: David, Henry, Elizabeth and Julia

    DS1(24): David George Bell
    DS2(21): Henry Charles Bell
    DD1(18): Elizabeth Ramona Bell
    DD2(15): Julia Audrey Bell

    DD1(47) Sarah Hope Moreau
    DH(49): Xavier Arnaud Moreau

    Xavier & Sarah: Thomas and Tatiana

    DS(18): Thomas Matthieu "Tom" Moreau
    DD(14): Tatiana Adéle Moreau

    DD2(47): Sylvia Gresham
    DH(45): Daniel Miles "Dan" Gresham
    Dan & Sylvia: Rosalie, Sophia, Hugo and Annabelle

    DD(30): Rosalie Sarah Gresham
    DD(20): Sophia Theresa Gresham
    DS(18): Hugo Frank Gresham
    DD(16): Annabelle Dorothea Gresham

    DS3(45): Will Bell
    DH(35): Jane Aurora Kate Bell
    Will & Jane: Silas, Bridget, Tessa, Cecilia and Adeline

    DS1/DD1(10) Silas Mark Bell /Bridget Aurora Bell
    DD/DD/DD(5): Tessa Matilda Bell / Cecilia Nora Bell / Adeline Della Bell

    DD3(44): Cate Jenkins
    DH(46): Harrison Graham Jenkins
    Harrison & Cate: Forrest, Francis and Frida

    DS1(16): Forrest Stephen Jenkins
    DS2(13): Francis Edmund "Frankie" Jenkins
    DD1(9): Frida Adela Jenkins

    DD4(33): Anna Bell
    Anne: Olivia

    DD(13): Olivia Katharine Bell

    DS4(33): Alex Bell
    DExw(35): Delia Genevieve Rodgers
    Alex & Delia: Hattie and Stella

    DD1(7) Hattie Hannah Rodgers
    DD2(5) Stella Antonia Rodgers

    -DW Thora Antoinette Bell
    Alex & Thora: Wesley and Willa

    DS1(3) Wesley Ambrose "Wes" Bell
    DD3(NB) Willa Maria Bell

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    Oct 2016
    BOYS: Lysander, Raphael, Holden, Kearsarge, Merlin, Leo, Jasper, Scott, Byron, Wilhelm

    GIRLS: Serena, Rose, Lucky, Athena, Charity, Stella, Diamond, Brittany, Anastasia, Lorelei

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    DH(78) Robert Peter Kennedy
    DW(76) Grace Anna Roman

    DS1(53): Robert Peter Kennedy, Jr
    DS2(50): Charles Alexander Kennedy
    DD1/DD2(47): Sarah Heidi Kennedy / Susannah Amy Kennedy
    DS3(45): William Kenneth Kennedy
    DD3(44): Catherine Martha Kennedy
    DD4/DS4(33): Anne Julia Kennedy / Arthur Michael Kennedy


    DS1(53): Robert Kennedy
    DExw(50): Diana Ava Sinclair

    DS1(26) Robert Peter Kennedy, III
    DS2(24) Ryan Stephen Kennedy
    DD(21) Zara Ashley Kennedy

    DW(38): Kimberly Denise Duffy

    DD2(14) Sophia Olive Kennedy
    DD3(10) Mary Hannah Kennedy
    DD4(8) Frances Abigail Kennedy
    DD5(4) Adela Holly Kennedy

    DS2(50): Charles Kennedy
    DW(47): Victoria Marie Markham

    DS1(24): David George Kennedy
    DS2(21): Henry Charles Kennedy
    DD1(18): Elizabeth Rachel Kennedy
    DD2(15): Jane Alexandra Kennedy

    DD1(47) Sarah Kennedy
    DH(49): Xavier Arturo Marquez

    DS(18): Thomas Mateo Marquez
    DD(14): Tessa Ana Marquez

    DD2(47): Susannah Kennedy
    DH(45): Daniel Matthew Graham

    DD(30): Rose Samantha Graham
    DD(20): Stella Tilly Graham
    DS(18): Hugh Finn Graham
    DD(16): Audrey Dorothy Graham

    DS3(45): William Kennedy
    DH(35): Jacqueline April Kole

    DS1/DD1(10) Sebastian Milo Kennedy / Beatrice Adeline Kennedy
    DD/DD/DD(5): Tabitha Milly Kennedy / Cecilia Nora Kennedy / Alice Daisy Kennedy

    DD3(44): Catherine M
    DH(46): Harry Gregory Jones

    DS1(16): Frederick Sean Jones
    DS2(13): Felix Edward Jones
    DD1(9): Fiona Ariana Jones

    DD4(33): Anne Kennedy

    DD(13): Octavia Katherine Kennedy

    DS4(33): Arthur Kennedy
    DExw(35): Deborah Greer Redmond

    DD1(7) Helena Hope Kennedy
    DD2(5) Sybil Augusta Kennedy

    DW: Theresa Amelia Jones

    DS1(3) Walter Andrew Kennedy
    DD3(NB) Willa Margaret Kennedy
    hannah rose

    edward james - george henry - john arthur - charles william
    mary catherine - philippa anne - jane margaret - elizabeth alexandra

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    DH(78): Roger Patrick Moore
    DW(76) Grace Amelia (Barrett) Moore

    DS1(53): Roger Patrick Moore Jr.
    DS2(50): Christopher Allen Moore "Chris"
    DD1/DD2(47): Sarah Hope (Moore) McFadden & Stella Anne (Moore) Giannini
    DS3(45): William Kevin Moore
    DD3(44): Charlotte Marie (Moore) Judson
    DD4/DS4(33): Amelia Jane (Moore) & Aaron Matthew Moore


    DS1(53): Roger Patrick Moore Jr.

    -DExw(50): Delia Annabel (Simpson) Moore
    --DS1(26) Roger Patrick Moore III "Patrick"
    --DS2(24) Ryland Simpson Moore
    --DD(21) Zoey Annabel Moore

    -DW(38): Kirsten Daphne (Smith) Moore
    --DD2(14) Sailor Olivia Moore
    --DD3(10) Maisie Harper Moore
    --DD4(8) Finley Amelia Moore
    --DD5(4) Austen Hayley Moore


    DS2(50): Christopher Allen Moore "Chris"
    -DW(47): Veronica Michelle (Garrison) Moore
    --DS1(24): Declan Garrison Moore
    --DS2(21): Hayes Christopher Moore
    --DD1(18): Eva Rose Moore
    --DD2(15): Juliet Amelia Moore


    DD1(47): Sarah Hope (Moore) McFadden
    -DH(49): Xavier Arthur McFadden
    --DS(18): Travis Michael McFadden
    --DD(14): Taylor Anne McFadden


    DD2(47): Stella Anne (Moore) Giannini
    -DH(45): David Mauricio Giannini
    --DD(30): Riley Sarah Giannini
    --DD(20): Sadie Taryn Giannini
    --DS(18): Holden Francis Giannini
    --DD(16): Audrey Danielle Giannini


    DS3(45):William Kevin Moore
    -DH(35): Joseph Aaron Kaplan
    --DS1/DD1(10) Silas Matthew Kaplan-Moore & Barrett Alice Kaplan-Moore
    --DD/DD/DD(5): Teagan Marie Kaplan-Moore, Cameron Noelle Kaplan-Moore & Ainsley Delilah Kaplan-Moore


    DD3(44): Charlotte Marie (Moore) Judson
    -DH(46): Henry George Judson
    --DS1(16): Ford Samuel Judson
    --DS2(13): Franklin Edward Judson
    --DD1(9): Fiona Adeline Judson


    DD4(33): Amelia Jane Moore
    --DD(13): Olivia Kate Moore


    DS4(33): Aaron Matthew Moore

    -DExw(35): Daphne Grace Reynolds
    --DD1(7): Hadley Hope Moore
    --DD2(5): Skylar Addison Moore

    -DW(29): Tara Anne (Alden) Moore
    --DS1(3) Wyatt Aaron Moore
    --DD3(NB) Willow Megan Moore

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