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Thread: Vera Adrienne

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    Vera Adrienne

    Recently I really started to like the name Adrienne mainly because I just love how it looks! I would really like to use this name somehow. I have struggled whether I want to use Adrian for a boy or Adrienne for a girl. I have been getting so many mixed reviews on whether it is a better boy name or a better girl name.

    I am starting to really like the combo Vera Adrienne. I have Vera with Eliska right now and I adore this combination but I also like to change things up!

    I am looking for opinions on the combo Vera Adrienne. Does this flow well together or should I keep it as Vera Eliska? Thanks!
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    Vera Adrienne is so elegant! Very old-Hollywood vibe. I prefer it over Vera Eliska, just because I think Vera Adrienne flows better and the two names are of similar styles.
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    I love Vera Adrienne. Adrienne is simply marvelous, and I agree with the previous poster that Vera Adrienne has an old-Hollywood vibe. It flows better than Vera Eliska for sure.

    Adrienne is lovely on a girl, and Adrian is wonderful on a boy. I'd say use whichever gender comes first!
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    Adrienne is really visually appealing, so I can see why you like it. Vera Adrienne flows seamlessly and has a strong beauty to it. I'd choose it over Vera Eliska.

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    It’s a gorgeous combo!

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