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    If you knew you'd only get to name one child?

    If you knew you were only going to get to name one child, would that change anything about how you named them? Would you use your top combo still or would you change it up? Would you use more than one middle name? Use a honoring name or just one you liked? Etc.

    Just curious to see what might change in those circumstances where you don't expect to have more children.

    Bonus: What would you name your one son / daughter?

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    I don't think it would change anything, because my top combos for either sex use the names I love the most, and want to use the most (I view it as the names I'd regret not using, rather than just names I love - which there are plenty of). There aren't any other combos I love as much as those, which is specifically how I made them - it would, hopefully, make it easier if I come to actually have kids.

    If I were to change something, however, I'd make it a three-middle combo, just so I'd get to use more favourites.

    They'd be either:
    Arthur Theodore Jack nn Art/Rue
    or Arthur Theodore Edmund Jack nn Remy/Art/Rue
    Matilda Violet Ebba/Rose nn Lola/Sunny
    or Matilda Violet Beatrix Ebba nn Lola/Sunny/Bea
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    A boy would Balamir Ömer but I may choose a girl name other than Almila, even though I have no honor name for a girl?

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    Although there are plenty of names I love, my top combos contain the ones I'd really regret not using, as opposed to ones I just like.
    For a girl, this would be Harriet Elizabeth Diana. Harriet as it's a name I have loved for the longest time, and which is honestly the only name I can see on a future daughter. Elizabeth is a name that has been passed on through my family in the middle name spot for generations (it's my MN too). And Diana is a name I just absolutely love.
    There aren't really any boys' names I 'love' the way I do Harriet, but my favourite combo is Alexander Thaddeus John. None of them are honour names - I just like the overall sound.
    For boys, I can't say there are any names I would regret not using in the way I would with the girls' names.
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    I don’t think it would change my choices. I’m quite happy with my top combos, and they’re the ones I’d use even if I just had one of each. I like the idea of 3 middles (like @books_and_tea mentioned) but only if I had an S/O who also really wanted them and with a shorter surname. Just with two I’d choose Pandora Beatrix Fae and Caspian Sherlock Walter or maybe Caspian Sherlock George if I honoured my grandma.
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