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    Typical American names

    What names do you consider to be 'typical' American names? Names that have only ever really hit it off in America and are perhaps trendy American names, like my short list below. Maybe state names, or city names, or names after famous Americans past or present.

    For me, it's names like Mackenzie, Cassidy, Destiny and Kennedy for girls, and Dustin, Brody, Colton and Austin for boys.

    I served a lady at work last week who had a daughter called Kennedy and it was so bizarre because I'm a Brit and that name is something I've only ever come across on here and *ahem* Toddlers and Tiaras. It strikes me as really American but it was cool to see it actually in use this side of the pond.

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    Yours are good examples. I'd also say Cody, Kristen, and Reagan.

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    Things that sound like they fit on country singers (i.e. Brantley and Hunter).
    Maybe Brooklyn and Savannah?
    Liberty, I'd wager.

    I'm not sure, really. Although I do have to add, I have had a baby name book for many years, and it lists the origin of the name next to the name itself. It lists names like Kitty and Muffin as "American names", as if all of us just are crappy namers. Lol. (related- I thought that nickname names were more popular over there, not here?)

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    I don't know why; but I've always considered Margo to have more American usage than any other (whereas Margot is fairly international to me).

    But other names that I'd view as typically American are Avery (for girls), Alannah and variations, Meghan, Nevaeh, Kristen, Stephanie, Brianna, Addison, Kyra and Marilyn for girls.

    For boys most surnames as first names seem very American to me, since they haven't taken off as much here in England (particularly Clayton, Carter, Bennett). Other names like Dashiell, Hank, Chuck, Grayson and Logan are also quite American in feel to me.
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