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    Explain Your Signature

    I love hearing about why people like the names they like, and I imagine some of you do too! If you feel like it, explain why you like those names enough to make them your signature, and which THREE names you would be most likely to use on real children.
    Rowan Zachariah. Jesse Everett. Simon Forest. Jason Archimedes. Fletcher Campbell. Zedekiah Asher. Caspian Peace. Theodore Beowulf.

    Cassia Whirlwind. Esme Aveline. Julia Hero. Finn Theona. Sylvia Sage. Jessamine West. Gemma Lucasta. Zosia Elise.

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    Oooh, this is a fun idea! Generally speaking, I struggle with boys names so my girls names are much more likely to be really thought out and some of my combos there will have been around for a lot longer

    Astrid Valentina - Valentina is a name I'd heard before and not liked, but heard it in passing at the beach one day and instantly fell in love with it. As it happens, it links in with my daughter's first name, as they both mean "strong" or "strength". Astrid is actually my daughter's choice (after Astrid Hofferson of How To Train Your Dragon, of course!) but I actually love the meaning "Divinely beautiful" and its the ideal replacement for Anais in my original favourite combo Anais Valentina. I feel like Anais is too close to Brianna, who I sometimes call Anna to be usable for me any more. This name has SO MUCH meaning packed into it, especially if I chose to nickname to "Ari", honouring my best friend and soul sister Arianwen, and most of it fell into place accidentally, or I found out matching meanings later, so it feels meant to be! I especially love that Astrid was what my daughter picked out herself!

    Romilly Ariadne / Arianwen - Romilly, rarely for my top names, is just a name I like. I love the nickname Romy. Ariadne was my favourite name as a child and I still love it, ever since reading the story of the Minotaur! Ariadne subtly nods to my brother's heritage. Arianwen is a name I like slightly less, but it's aforementioned best friend's name and I think it goes well.

    Cosima Violet "Kit" - Cosima is another name with a lovely meaning "order/beauty". It's another subtle honour name for my brother, whose name rhymes with Rory, but starts with a C (ifyaknowwhatimeeean), and I love how it's a bit different. I've always loved the name Violet and it links in to one of my daughter's middle names Rose. Violet's flower meaning is also "innocence", and my daughter's other middle name is Katherine, which means "pure", so double link! Kit is a nickname I just love, and something unexpected for Cosima, which I struggle to nickname. Kit has a subtle link to my sister Kirsty, so Cosima Violet honours both my siblings and aligns well with my daughter's.

    Seraphina Eloise - Seraphina is a name suggested to me by Berries as an honour name for my mother, and I love it's meaning "ardent, fiery"! It feels like a lovely name to go alongside Brianna which means "strong". Eloise is similar to my sister's middle name Louise

    Names I'm trying out, which don't have quite as much meaning:

    Hermione Isabella - Both are just names I like, and I just adored Hermione Granger as a child, I wont even shy away from the Potter references, haha!

    Violet Valentina "Viva" - Both names have the meanings as above, and I like Viva as a fun unexpected nickname

    Margot Rosalie - Margot honours my grandmother, and has been really growing on me. Rosalie is another one I just love, and its a combination of Rose (from my daughter's name) and my first name!

    Tatiana Jane - Tatiana, I just like. I dont think it's all that usable for me considering my daughter's name is Brianna. Jane is my middle name, and my mother's.

    Remy Isabeau - I just love both names.... my mum would kill me if I used it, because we had a very large, very stupid boy cat called Remy... It hasn't put me off much

    Lila Delphine - I think the meaning of Lila - "night" - is interesting and beautiful and it feels like a fresher alternative to Lily, carrying on my flower theme thing from my first daughter. Delphine I just liked, and I love the nature connection

    Amara Juliet - Amara probably wont be all that usable as it's one I fell in love with from my sister's name list when she was expecting, and one she's reserved for the future... I just like to play with the name for combos! The meanings are many and lovely! Juliet is an old favourite

    Mallory Sapphire - Mallory is one I've loved forever and another my sister likes, so I wouldnt use it without her say so. Sapphire is a subtle Sarah honour name (my mother) and my birth stone
    __________________________________________________ ____

    Jasper Olivier / Orion - Jasper is one I have always always loved, and it has such a great meaning "bringer of treasure". Olivier (oh-liv-ee-ay) has no significant meaning to me, but I adore it, and its a little different to classic Oliver which is so popular in my area. Orion is fun and different, and nods to my science background, and my daughter's love of astronomy (She loves to point out Orion's Belt!). It's another Greek mythology name, which I love

    Tristan Briar - Tristan is yet another mythology name I've loved since I was a child (not Greek this time though!). I went to middle school with a Tristan Thomas who went by "TT", and he was such a sweet kid, it left a lovely impression on me for the name - usually real life associations are the opposite! Briar is a fun nature name that has the double link to my daughter of sounding like Brianna and being a plant/nature name. It also felt sweet and lighthearted next to Tristan

    Names I'm trying out:

    Sebastian Zachary - Neither name has any particular meaning, Sebastian is a lifelong favourite.

    Hugo Alexei - I love the meaning of Hugo "mind, intellect", and Alexei "defending men". Put together, it feels like a kind of "the pen is stronger than the sword" kind of thing, like using your intellect to defend. It felt kind of fun to look into combined name meanings after my daughter accidentally has one: Brianna "strong", Katherine "pure", Rose "Rose" = strong pure rose, which I adore and we didnt realise until she was registered

    Luca James Peregrine - Luca is one that's been growing on me, James is a classic favourite. Peregrine is a nature name... but mainly is my favourite Hobbit - I am a giant Lord of the Rings fan, my mother was terrified I was going to name my daughter Arwen. All in all, just a combo I find fun

    Wyatt Alexander - Wyatt means "brave in war", similar to my daughter's name meaning, and Alexander has a similar meaning. It's a new one I'm thinking about with no great significance

    Atticus Marcel "Kit" - Atticus was suggested to me as a full name for Kit, I'm still thinking about it. Marcel has a personal association and it means "little warrior", which was very fitting to the Marcel I knew. Marcel just makes me happy every time I hear it

    Milo Xavier - Another one I'm just kicking around. I like the Xavier meaning "bright"

    Oscar Phineas Reid - Oscar has links in Irish legend, my daughter's first name is Irish. Phineas has a fun meaning "oracle" and I've always liked Reid - It happens to mean "red haired" and I'm a redhead, so it would be nice if I had a little auburn boy!

    Felix Alexander Roscoe - Felix's meaning "happy" is so lovely, and I just like the other two names! (Have mentioned Alexander/Alexei above)

    Tobias Malachi "Toby" - Just names I like, no real significance

    As far as using names, if I was pregnant and had to choose right now, I'd go with:

    G: Astrid Valentina
    B: Jasper Orion
    GG twins: Astrid Valentina and Cosima Violet
    GB twins: Astrid Valentina and Jasper Orion
    BB twins: Jasper Orion and Tristan Briar

    I also really really like Romilly Ariadne/Arianwen, and Seraphina (still thinking about middles), Hugo, Peregrine, Felix and Marcel and would use them in a heartbeat!
    ♡ Brianna Katherine Rose ♡ June 2011

    ♡ Jasper James Peregrine "Jace" ♡ Sebastian Ezra Tolkien ♡ Tristan Casimir Grey ♡ Caspian Hugo James ♡ Alistair Peregrine Frey ♡
    ♡ Astrid Valentina (Ruri?)
    ♡ Cosima Violet "Kit" ♡ Juliet Andromeda ♡ Ariadne __?
    Glittering gemstones

    ♡ Isabella Ruri Ottilia ♡ Anaïs Josephine Marit ♡ Romilly Cordelia Iolite ♡
    ♡ Rosalie Sapphira Lumi ♡ Esmeralda Cassia Lys ♡ Coralie Emma Lilliet ♡
    ♡ Cosima Peridot Isolde ♡ Sarai Elizabeth Lazuli ♡

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    Currently my signature consist of combos from my long list (I put them there in turn as it's impossible to have everything fit in there) and newest crushes. The three names I most likely use in real life are currently not displayed, actually: Seraphina Juliette Audrey, Violetta Catherine Lenore and Aurelia Madelief Estelle for girls, Leon Alexander Gibran, Gabriel Peregrine Jack and Felix Emmanuel Gavroche.

    Although if I have to choose three from my current signature, I think I can imagine myself with Ragnar, Xavier Caspian, Vanessa Freya and Rosalind.

    Cherished top 10:
    Seraphina, Evangeline, Isabelle, Aurelia, Valentina, Violetta, Rosalind, Vanessa, Catalina, Helena
    Leon, Felix, Gabriel, Magnus, Caspian, Edmund, Cedric, James, Gideon, Francis

    Latest crush:
    Leif Ansel | Lucie Angharad

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    Jesse Oliver - I have loved Jesse for years! It has been one of my favourites for quite a while too. I like that it's not popular or overused. Jesse Lee Soffer and Jesse Spencer have made me love it more. Oliver is in the middle name spot because I love it so much but it's very popular where I live, I don't like Ollie and my niece is called Olivia.

    Sophia Camille - I think Sophia is so beautiful. I used to prefer Sofia but now I love Sophia more. I first heard it on a Grey's Anatomy and fell in love. Sophia Bush has also made me love the name more. Camille is a pretty new love to me but when I first heard it, I fell in love.

    Jay - I have recently started to love this lately. I think it's so underrated. I don't remember where I first heard it, but my love of Jay Halstead made me fall completely in love.

    Will - This has been a favourite name of mine for soooo long. I used to use it as a nickname for William but now I much prefer just Will. I think it ages great.

    Patrick - This name is a classic to me. I think Paddy is adorable for a little boy and Patrick is great as a full name for an adult. I also love it in the middle name spot.

    Rhodes - This is a new love of mine. I think it's so handsome. I dont normally like place names but Rhodes is a beautiful place. I can see myself using this in the middle name spot.

    Hallie - This is another new love for me. I first saw this spelling on As The World Turns and I fell in love. She just so happens to be the daughter of Will. I can definitely see myself using this one day.

    Lilia - I am so in love with this. I think it's so much fresher than the popular Lily. It's not common where I live so that's great too.

    Felicity - I have loved Felicity for ever. There's not really much to say, I just love it. I think its elegant and beautiful.

    Sage - This is another name that I heard on As The World Turns. I think its so beautiful for a little girl. I also dont mind it on a boy. It's quite a new love for me.

    The top 3 names that I would use are Jesse Oliver, Sophia Camille & Jay Henry
    i wanted to change my username...
    so i made a new account (only the third one 😬)
    now posting as @oh.archiekins

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    My signature list is very short right now, but I don't put names on there until we confidently have a combo in mind (even though they may change later on).

    Ivan Gallagher: Ivan is my husband's current favorite. I'm not overly sure why...he just really likes it. It isn't my favorite name, but I like it well enough and would be comfortable using it on a son. I do like that Ivan is a variation of John, which is my grandpa's name (Grandpa is battling cancer and likely doesn't have too long left, but half of my family would be very upset if we used the name John...he's my step-grandpa, technically, although all of that happened like 30+ years before my birth...anyhow, it would just cause hard feelings. This is sneaky enough that I could get away with it ). Gallagher is a recent addition to the combo. While the name doesn't have any deep definition or anything, I like that the name sounds happy, enduring, fun-loving, and kind. It also reflects a [distant] part of our ancestry. Anyhow...if DH gets Ivan, then I get Gallagher

    Ada Rosemary: Ada is the one name that both DH and I love. It means the same thing as my name, plus contains elements of both of our names (although that sounds a bit too conceited, so I wouldn't toss that info out there too much). We think it is beautiful...the most beautiful girl name in our world. Perfect for our future daughter Rosemary was picked because it has an old-timey feel and several family connections. We think the entire combo is beautiful.

    That's really it, for now. There are other names that we like, for various reasons, such as Felix, Seraphina, Emily, Franklin, and Calvin. We'd use any of them...but the top three that we would be likely to use are Ivan Gallagher, Ada Rosemary, and Felix/Seraphina (depending on boy or girl).

    wife. PCOS fighter. 1in8: TTC for 3 years, 4 months and counting...

    Isla Felicity Dove
    Elim Kenneth/Kent

    Ada Rosemary*Bennett Dale*Seraphina Juliet*Morgan Dominic*Elowen Ismay*Judah Ebenezer

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