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    Stuck on a name for our middle girl in a planned three sibling set!

    Hi there!

    So, we plan to have three children and, weirdly, as we are planning for the arrival of our second daughter next year, we have already chosen the name of our future *third* child...but can't decide on this middle girl's name! I feel like I go back and forth each week but I'm getting stuck. Our oldest DD is Rose and the baby of the family will be either Fox William, if a boy, and Lark Elizabeth if a girl.

    Rose and Lark/Fox are very obvious nature names, so ideally I want something more subtle in the middle spot so the sibling theme doesn't feel too in your face, but not something that seems too far afield either. I just can't decide!

    My husband had vetoed Daphne, but I got him to at least consider it for now, so it's back on the list and I feel like might be a good solution to a more subtle nature name pick in the middle spot...but I'm unsure how it feels with our last name and I dislike the lack of nickname options. I think Mirabelle sounds so magical and lovely, it's wonderfully rare, and I LOVE the nickname options (Mira or Belle) but I wonder how well it goes with Rose and Fox (though I think Rose, Mirabelle and Lark sound quite nice together.)

    Anyway, here's my list! Would love to hear your thoughts!

    (Middle names are TBD, but would be a family name, probably either Alice or some tribute to the surname Claar, either Claire, Clara or Sinclair mostly likely.)

    Mirabelle McKeely
    Pearl McKeely
    Daphne McKeely
    Estelle McKeely
    Hadley McKeely

    So, Rose ____ and Fox
    Or Rose ____ and Lark

    Which fits in the middle spot best?

    I'm open to new suggestions but we cannot use these names: Juniper, Laurel, Clementine and I don't want to use any flower names.

    Thanks SO much!
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    Hey! I know you from the BOTB board on TB. I know I said this before but Rose is such a great name.

    If you were to have all girls, I like Rose, Pearl, and Lark as sisters. Lark Elizabeth is particularly pretty for the youngest, BTW.

    Rose, Daphne, and Fox or Rose, Estelle, and Fox work well for two girls and a boy. I think Fox William is very handsome because I have a William.

    Anyway, Estelle and Daphne definitely fit the bill for subtle nature names that would work with those sibs.

    Good luck with your decisions!
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    I love Daphne for you! Are Willa and Hazel to close to flower names?

    The more I think about this, I notice that to me, Lark and Fox spin Rose more "rustic," but some of the choices you are considering for your second spin Rose more "elegant." This may not be the top priority in your decision, but Stella and Mira might bridge Rose and Fox or Lark a little better than Estelle or Mirabelle, though those are lovely names as well. Other thoughts I had were Maeve, Olive, Eden, and Eve or Eva. I also like the suggestion of Sage. If Juniper is out, is June off the table as well?
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    I love the sibset you have going here! I was all ready to suggest Fawn, because I think it would be stunning with Rose and Lark, but if your third is a boy it would create some alliteration. Love the suggestion of Sage, but Daphne is also great. Other suggestions would be Skye, Snow, and Wren.

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