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    Feb 2017

    Sibset the signatures!

    I've seen a ton of this kind of thing on Nameberry, so I figured that I might try starting up a new one!
    Basically the title explains itself quite clearly, you make a sibset out of the previous poster's signature, with the amount of kids they say and what genders, if they give you them.
    So, I'll start this off... 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys

    Happy playing!
    Delilah Saoirse-Mae
    Rosalie Aoife-Cathleen
    Eleanor Caoimhe-Danielle

    Caroline - Eliza - Lucy - Julia - Eloise - Thea

    Jude Elliott-Keith
    Felix James-Patrick
    Henry Daniel-Emmett

    Luke - Jack - Emmett - Simon - Callum - James

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    Jul 2016
    The Black Hole Known As University
    Julia Danielle, Jude Benjamin, James Patrick, Jane Eleanor (didn't plan that J scheme until the last one)

    5 kids, all girls
    Arsinoë, 19
    Matilda Artemis Fawn & Gilbert Apollo Demetri
    Ellington Aurelia Sophie & Edmund Nathaniel Scipio
    Annabeth Humility Urtė & Perseus Christopher Blaize
    Serafina Violet Belle & Alec Horatio Foster
    Runa Charlotte Blythe & Alfred Lionel Garrison
    Bree Elizabeth Pepper & Nico Joshua Alois
    Xanthe Aurora Piper & Prosper Avalon Luke
    Cleo Erzsébet Bronwyn & Misha Adrian Louis
    Primrose Athena Marie & Arthur Cato Achilles
    Cecily Madeleine Reed & Ciel Timothy Klaus

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    Oct 2014
    ❋ Baby girl due October 5th, 2018! ❋

    Winifred Hazel nn Winnie ۰ Beatrix Daisy nn Bea
    Winifred ۰ Frances ۰ Beatrice ۰ Josephine ۰ Adelaide
    Daisy ۰ Violet ۰ Hazel ۰ Primrose ۰ June

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    Nov 2013
    Cordelia Primrose
    Theodore Casper
    Violet Josephine
    Arthur Hawthorne

    Cora, Teddy, Lottie and Art

    Three girls and two boys, please
    thinking about...
    Evelina Roxanne & Fabian Evander
    Eliza Genevieve - Florence Ophelia - Juliet Aurelia
    Arabella Verity - Annika Daisy - Lyra Helene - Clementine Adalet

    Fabian Draco - Edmund Sylvester - Arthur Hugo
    Dominic Anwar - Theodore Albert - Jasper Hawthorne - Julian Atlas

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    Aug 2014
    US of A
    Evangeline Flora
    Raphaella Aylin
    Vivienne Claudia
    Benedict Hugo
    Regulus Peter

    3 of each!
    Lilly / 18

    Breccan Maxwell Pierce
    Archer Arrow August Ezra Fox Griffin Holden Jensen Jethro
    Jude Milo Otto River Rome Shepherd Shiloh Tobias Wolf
    Arden Ophelia Sage
    Arabella Aurora Avalon Briar Emersen Haven Lane Lyra
    Maeve Magnolia Maxine Primrose Rowyn Sage Willow Wren

    Guilty Pleasures: Anthem Aristotle Artemis Castiel

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