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    Feb 2017

    Sibset the signatures!

    I've seen a ton of this kind of thing on Nameberry, so I figured that I might try starting up a new one!
    Basically the title explains itself quite clearly, you make a sibset out of the previous poster's signature, with the amount of kids they say and what genders, if they give you them.
    So, I'll start this off... 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys

    Happy playing!

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    Jul 2016
    The Black Hole Known As University
    Julia Danielle, Jude Benjamin, James Patrick, Jane Eleanor (didn't plan that J scheme until the last one)

    5 kids, all girls
    Arsinoë, 20
    Matilda Artemis Fawn & Gilbert Apollo Demetri
    Ellington Aurelia Sophie & Edmund Nathaniel Scipio
    Annabeth Humility Urtė & Perseus Antonio Blaize
    Serafina Violet Belle & Nico Arthur Alois
    Runa Charlotte Blythe & Ciel Joshua Timothy
    Bree Elizabeth Pepper & Alfred Christopher Seth
    Cecily Madeleine Reed & Prosper Alaric Jackson
    Cleo Erzsébet Bronwyn & Alec Horatio Foster
    Zadie Athena Hyacinth & Misha Adrian Chandler
    Xanthe Aurora Piper & Elizabeta Persephone Clove

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    Oct 2014
    Beatrix Hazel June was born September 27, 2018! ❋

    Winifred Alice Daisy ۰ Cordelia Violet Pearl ۰ Josephine Ruby Eloise
    Louise Adelaide Mae ۰ Frances Primrose Harriet

    Casper Miles Hawthorne ۰ Harry Theodore August ۰ Rupert Oscar Linus
    George Leo Magnus ۰ Bernard Ephraim James

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    Nov 2013
    Cordelia Primrose
    Theodore Casper
    Violet Josephine
    Arthur Hawthorne

    Cora, Teddy, Lottie and Art

    Three girls and two boys, please
    ✩☾ Juliet Arwen & Frederick Lupin ☽✩

    Annika Daisy ☾ Arabella Fleur ☽ Florence Evadne
    Alfred Leander ✧ Dominic Arlo ✩ Edmund Sylvester
    Isadora Maeve ☾ Lyra Primrose ☽ Ramona Charlotte
    Evander Hugo ✧ Fabian Laslzo ✩ Jasper Lorcan
    Sabrina Violet ☾ Sylvia Roxanne ☽ Valeria Hermione

    lily ❀ britberry ❀ just dreaming

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    Aug 2014
    US of A
    Evangeline Flora
    Raphaella Aylin
    Vivienne Claudia
    Benedict Hugo
    Regulus Peter

    3 of each!
    Lilly / 19

    Otto Finnian Jude | Jethro Sebastian Wolf
    Jensen Tobias Fox | Shiloh Caspian Henry
    Archer Arrow Breccan Ezra Griffin Maxwell Milo Shepherd

    Arden Primrose | Sage Arabella | Wren Artemis
    Avalon Grey | Aurora Anthem | Romily Lane

    Briar Haven Maeve Maxine Ophelia Primrose Rowyn Willow

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