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    Is this a good name?

    My boyfriend came up with this name ages before we found out we were actually having a this a good name for a baby girl

    Zelda Lerian(Ler-ay-n)
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    Personally I dont like it
    It sounds like you are just trying to make Lorraine sound more "special" which honestly just ruins the name for me and makes it seem ugly
    She would have to constantly correct the people when spelling her name since most people would assume it was pronounced ler-ee-an or would just be confused since this name does not exist
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    I love Zelda - I think it's quirky and cool. I'm not loving your pronunciation of Lerian, it looks like it would be Leer-ee-an to me? Maybe you would like Liron or Liriel?

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    It is a very beautiful name! However, looking at Lerian, I would say Ler ee an, like the pp said, because i before a does not usually make the ay sound... Lerain or as the pp mentioned, Lorraine, would give you close to that pronunciation.
    Another beautiful and similar name I've heard is Lorien, pronounced loh ree en.
    Zelda is darling!
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    I am personally not fond of Zelda Lerian. But I do not see anything wrong with the combo, like I cannot see it being disrespectful to a large group of people, etc.

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