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    It probably a good time to buy in Calgary unless you or your husband works in oil/gas... But babies are very small!

    As fast as costs go, it's not like you have the medical costs that our Southern neighbours do just to have the baby. What's your mat leave policy like? If it's any more than the minimum I would keep your job as long as you can. I know for me I will end up with fourteen months off with a salary top up the whole time. My husband, however, has a much different policy and will only be able to take the minimum allowable time, with no top up to EI. Look into all of that because for me, I wouldn't dream of leaving before mat leave was finished.

    Keep living your life as you are. I agree that making adjustments before you're pregnant is pretty silly!

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    @jackal - you said what I wanted to say about lifestyle choices but couldn't think to say it correctly.
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    I agree but also disagree with @jackal. I wouldn't completely overhaul your lifestyle YET. However, if drinking or smoking is a big part of your partying, I'd personally either cut back or simply cut it out while TTC. I'm a big believer in taking vitamins and adopting a healthier lifestyle while TTC... especially since I've had many friends who (startling to me) didn't recognize they were pregnant until 2-3 months in. It would be awful to still be drinking or smoking at that point without realizing you were pregnant.

    As for space, babies don't need much in the beginning. Our daughter slept on a pad on the ground for the first month or so. After that, she slept in a crib in our room until she was almost a year old.

    When it comes to going out, we really couldn't until Emi was about 2. She was a really, really, really energetic and colicky baby. I was genuinely concerned that a babysitter would lose patience with the constant screaming. We were rarely able to go out, but that's a bit atypical, I think.

    As for traveling, it works for some. We traveled quite a bit when Emi was a baby. It wasn't easy, as we had diapers, milk powder, wet wipes, etc. to lug around. We had to schedule around diaper changes, illness, leaky diapers, etc. I found that we really didn't get much out of traveling. It seemed that at least 1 of us was constantly on baby duty. Emi couldn't handle more than a few hours, and other people got annoyed with the screaming baby in the museums and such. We even got kicked out of 1 museum because she wouldn't calm down. The other part was constantly running to keep up with our childless friends... that was exhausting.

    However, much of this depends on your child's personality. Emi isn't an easy traveler. My friend's daughter NEVER fusses or cries. She'd probably be easy to travel with... So it just depends.

    Having a child is a big change. How it changes and how you handle the change depends on so many different factors. However, don't have a child unless you really want one and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices (whatever they are). Because we can't say what it will be like for you... too many variables. But no matter what, it will require an adjustment.
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    Yes, my daughter is a fairly mild-mannered child and in almost 100% of cases would stop crying if breastfed so she was very 'manageable'. It was certainly much easier for us than it was for others. She was even sleeping through the night at 4 months, so we were having a relatively relaxing time of it (shame that didn't last). There were a few nappy incidents, but when I say 'less adventurous sort of fun' that's really what I mean. We weren't rushing around sight-seeing or moving to a new place every day, we were just staying in a nice house with a pool relaxing, sometimes popping out to local markets or round a castle or to get lunch somewhere. You do have to have a good base with such a young baby, I wouldn't have taken her to stay in a hotel for sure. But you can still have a nice holiday, assuming your baby's temperament allows.
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