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    Me: Ruby Claire Walker-Beckett (52)
    -ESFJ (Warmhearted and Responsible)
    -Lives: Suburb of Portland, Oregon
    -I have an allergy to shellfish

    DW: Elise Delphine Walker-Beckett (51)
    -ESTP (Friendly and Fast-Paced)
    -Lives: Suburb of Portland, Oregon
    -Plays the Trumpet

    DAS3: Forrest Redd Walker-Beckett (34)
    -ESFJ (Warmhearted and Responsible)
    -Birthday: July 19th
    -Police Officer
    DexFiancee: Phoebe Edith Robinson (34)
    --DS1: Aidan Nicholas Walker-Beckett (15)
    --DS2: Keagan Flynn Walker-Beckett (11)
    --DD1: Eva Gwen Walker-Beckett (9)
    --DD2: Tenley Anne Walker-Beckett (7)
    --DS3: Ryan Nathan Walker-Beckett (6)
    --DAD1: Elena Flora Walker-Beckett (2)

    DAS1: Alexander Caspian Walker-Beckett (32)
    -ISFP (Artistic and Sensitive)
    -Birthday: February 25th
    DFiancee: Anlea Chrystana Martin (34) "Lea"
    --DSS1: Silas Gabriel Martin (13)
    --DSD1: Amelia Catherine Martin (5)
    --DSS2: Tobias Andrew Martin (4)

    DAS2: Atticus Christopher (Walker-Beckett) Briggs (32)
    -ISTJ (Serious and Dependable)
    -Birthday: February 25th
    DH: Asher Weston Briggs (34)
    --DAS1: Leo James Briggs (4)

    DAD2: Astrid Charlotte Josephs (32) "Charlie"
    -INTP (Logical and Reserved)
    -Birthday: February 25th
    -Diagnosed with Dysgraphia
    -Vision Loss
    DH: Kai Cruz Josephs (33)

    DAD3: Sage Laurel Walker-Beckett (28)
    -ESFP (Social and Fun-Loving)
    -July 15th
    --DD1: Wren Winter Walker-Beckett (5)

    DAD1: Olive Madeleine Walker-Beckett (27)
    -ISTP (Quiet and Analytical)
    -Birthday: July 8th

    DAS3: Griffin Dylan Walker-Beckett (26)
    -ISTP (Quiet and Analytical)
    -Birthday: April 22nd
    DGF: Kinsley Alayah Nash (26)

    DD1: Hazel Annabelle Walker-Beckett (25)
    -ESFJ (Warmhearted and Responsible)
    -Birthday: February 13th
    -Allergic to nuts and cats
    -Skipped a grade
    DBF: Ciaran Oak Engelbert (27)
    --DSS1: Orion Edmund (7)
    --DSS2: Killian Arthur (3)

    DD2: Lila Violet Walker-Beckett (24)
    -INFJ (Determined and Caring)
    -Birthday: April 1st
    DFiancee: Porter Carson Finch (25)
    --DS1: Hawk Orion Finch (2)

    DS1: Jasper Pierce Walker-Beckett (16)
    -ESFP (Social and Fun-Loving)
    -Birthday: March 18th

    DD3: Celia Hattie Walker-Beckett (15)
    -ESFJ (Warmhearted and Responsible)
    -Birthday: November 30th
    -Allergic to milk
    -Skipped a grade

    DD4: Maisie Sophie Walker-Beckett (15)
    -ISTJ (Serious and Dependable)
    -Birthday: November 30th
    DBF: Sterling Topaz Stone (15)

    DAD4: Alice Victoria Walker-Beckett (8)
    -INTP (Logical and reserved)
    -Birthday: November 3rd

    DAS4: James William Walker-Beckett (8)
    -ISTJ (Serious and Dependable)
    -Birthday: November 3rd

    Year 21:
    My little brother Niko is diagnosed with cancer, and asks Elise and I to take care of his 2 kids while he is in treatment. Their names are Kane (12) and Kimber (7).
    Forrest and Phoebe have a baby girl named Eva Gwen!
    Charlie and Kai adopt a dog named Happy!
    Olive graduates from high school! She is in school to become a vet!
    Sage does a semester abroad in Manchester, England!
    Jasper becomes friends with a group of rebellious kids named Jack, Damien, and Tabitha.
    Celia considers her identity and decides she wants to go by "Cece" now. She also develops a crush on a boy named Carlos.

    Year 22:
    We adopt an 18 year old boy named Griffin Dylan.
    Griffin graduates from high school! He decides he wants to be a carpenter.
    Hazel graduates from high school a year early! She is in school to become an engineer!
    Forrest and Phoebe adopt a dog named Comet!
    Charlie and Kai get engaged!
    Alexander learns he needs glasses.
    Atticus gets a part time job at a law firm!
    Sage is diagnosed with dyslexia.
    Maisie becomes very interested in puzzles.

    Year 23:
    I get a tattoo!
    Atticus graduates from law school!
    Forrest and Phoebe have a baby girl named Tenley Anne! Forrest makes a friend named Jeb!
    Charlie and Kai move to Hilo, Hawaii!
    Atticus makes a friend named Waylon!
    Alexander picks up photography as a hobby!
    Olive converts to Presbyterian.
    Hazel struggles in one of her classes.
    Lila struggles in science class.
    Celia is diagnosed with Autism
    Maisie develops a crush on a boy named David.

    Year 24:
    My father passes away.
    Forrest and Phoebe have a baby boy named Ryan Nathan!
    Charlie and Kai get married!
    Atticus moves to Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.
    Griffin gets a promotion!
    Lila graduates from high school! She becomes a baker! She even is able to open her own bakery, becoming the youngest business owner in our town!
    Sage picks up painting as a hobby!
    Olive picks up gardening as a hobby!
    Jasper and Celia grow close.
    Celia skips a grade because she is advanced!
    Maisie joins a soccer team

    Year 25:
    We take a small vacation to the lake!
    Sage graduates from nursing school! She also has a baby girl. Her name is Wren Winter. Her father is not in the picture.
    Forrest learns he needs glasses.
    Atticus adopts a cat named Duchess.
    Charlie and Kai struggle in their relationship. After separating for 2 months, they decide to get back together.
    Griffin moves to Louisville, Kentucky.

    Year 26:
    My sister Jane moves in with our family after divorcing from her abusive husband. Her two kids, Katie and Tyler have already moved out of the house, so it is just her that moves in with us.
    Olive graduates from Vet school! She moves to Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    Forrest no longer needs glasses!
    Atticus has a new boyfriend named Asher!
    Charlie no longer needs glasses just like Forrest!
    Sage becomes passionate about environmental issues.
    Griffin gets another promotion!
    Hazel struggles in school, and ends up repeating a semester.
    Lila has a new boyfriend named Porter!
    Celia has a crush on a boy named Daniel.

    Year 27:
    We become foster parents for emergency placements, and end up adopting twins, a boy and a girl, who are 5 years old! Their names are
    Hazel graduates from college one semester early!
    Forrest gets promoted!
    Atticus adopts a dog names Wesley!
    Charlie and Kai foster 3 kids, Finn Douglas (10), Isabella Penelope (4) and Stella Emilie (1). They are reunited with their parents after 7 months in foster care!
    Sage becomes passionate about space research.
    Griffin moves to Melbourne, Australia.
    Olive learns she needs glasses!
    Hazel travels to visit her cousins!
    Lila makes a new friend named Kylie.
    Maisie gets into a fight with a girl named Arwen.

    Year 28:
    I get a promotion!
    Forrest moves back in with us because he and Phoebe broke up.
    Atticus and Ashe get engaged!
    Charlie begins to lose their hearing.
    Sage moves to Atlanta, Georgia.
    Griffin takes a camping trip.
    Olive begins dating Guthrie!
    Hazel adopts a cat named Blossom. She also becomes a foster parent to an 11 year old girl named Aspen Rose. After 3 months in foster care, she moves in with her grandmother.
    Lila and Porter have a son named Hawk Orion!
    Alexander excels in his classes.
    Celia comes out as Pansexual.

    Year 29:
    Elise gets a promotion!
    Alexander graduates from medical school! He also has a new girlfriend named Anlea Chrystana, but she goes by "Lea". She also already has 3 kids, Silas Gabriel (12), Amelia Catherine (4) and Tobias Andrew (3).
    Forrest becomes a foster parent after he moves out of our house. A 1 year old girl is placed with him, and he ends up adopting her. Her name is Elena Flora.
    Atticus and Asher adopt a baby boy named Leo, and then get married!
    Charlie needs glasses.
    Sage makes a new friend named Ella.
    Griffin gets in trouble at his job, and gets fired. He decides to become a plumber.
    Olive also gets in trouble at work, but luckily does not lose her job.
    Hazel has a new boyfriend named Ciaran. He has two sons Orion and Killian.
    Lila gets a promotion!
    Jasper comes out as gay.
    Celia was getting a ride home from a friend when they got into a car crash. Neither of them are hurt luckily.
    Maisie has a new boyfriend named Sterling!

    Year 30:
    Elise buys an expensive car during her midlife crisis.
    Forrest becomes more politically involved
    Alexander and Lea get engaged!
    Atticus becomes passionate about animal rights.
    Charlie and Kai move to Montreal, Canada
    Sage gets a promotion!
    Griffin has a new girlfriend named Kinsley!
    Olive moves back in with us for a little while because she and Guthrie broke up.
    Hazel gets a promotion!
    Lila and Porter get engaged!
    Alice and James develop a rivalry.
    James falls off his bike and breaks his arm!

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    Marianne "Mari" Matilda Shimizu (age 51)
    -Serious and dependable (ISTJ)
    -Birthday is September 13th
    -From San Diego, California
    -Grew up with married parents

    Love interest:
    Howard Alastair Carbry (age 53)
    -Birthday is February 13th
    -Assertive and efficient (ENTJ)
    -From a suburb of San Diego
    -Met through mutual friends
    -After marriage, the two moved to Howard's neighbourhood

    Year 21: Howard experiences serious heart disease.

    Year 22: Mari's younger sister, Tara, finally gets married and the family travels for the wedding.

    Year 23: The family takes a small vacation to Los Angeles.

    Year 24: Howard and Mari pick up sewing together.

    Year 25: Howard, Peter, Morgan and Liam are in a minor accident.

    Year 26: Sunny, Ash and Pais are in a minor car accident this time.

    Year 27: The family adopts a colorpoint shorthair cat and name him "Whirlert".

    Year 28: After Weaver's passing, the family adopt another wheaten terrier and decide to name her "Clove".

    Year 29: Ludie moved in with her grandparents due to severe bullying at school.

    Year 30: Howard's parents also move in with the family because of illness.

    Gerard Basil Carbry (age 43)
    -Resourceful and competitive (ENTP)
    -Born with a full head of hair
    -Birthday is July 23rd
    -Aged 15 he went on a school trip to Inverness, Scotland
    -At 17 picked up writing as a hobby
    -Age 18 Gerard wanted to be an engineer, but changed his mind at the last minute and went on to be an electrician
    -The following year, he moved out of home all the way to St. Louis, Missouri
    -At age 21 Gerry also picked up theatre
    -Aged 27 he considered his beliefs about the war in Syria
    -Three years later he adopted a beautiful female cat and named her "Sapphire"
    -At 31 he began dating Victoria Dodie
    -A year later the couple adopted another female kitty, whose name is "Juniper"
    -Vic gave birth to a baby girl, who they named Ludie Kendall
    -Aged 34 he made two close friends at work named Hayden Miley and Amadeus Michael
    -A year later he got a significant promotion
    -Age 41 he got into some trouble at work, but managed to not get fired
    -He recently made two new friends named Alanis Stevie and Igor Lennon

    Ashton Faith Carbry (age 42)
    -Brilliant and perfectionistic (INTJ)
    -Born smaller than usual
    -Birthday is October 15th
    -At age 17 Ash declared herself Catholic
    -Studying to be a psychiatrist
    -Aged 19 she moved to Berlin, Germany
    -A year later she made a new friend there, whose name is Elsie Elizabeth
    -Ash began seriously dating a certain Lemuel Otis at 22
    -The following year she became close friends with a fellow student called Giselle Myrcella
    -Age 24 she began to struggle at school, but did not drop out
    -The last year at uni she made another friend, whose name is Marcus Seneca
    -At 26 Ash started needing glasses
    -Six years later she already got a promotion
    -Age 33 she started experiencing hemiparesis on the right side of her body
    -Aged 36 she received a significant promotion
    -At age 37 Ash volunteered as a foster parent for 3 children: Branden Cephas (2), Lana Fleur (11) and Chrysanthe Hazel (9)
    -A year later she and Lemuel went on a big trip to visit the Carbry family

    Sunny Martina Carbry (age 41)
    -Quiet and analytical (ISTP)
    -Born at the same time as Cassiopeia Monday, whose mom befriended Sunny's biological mom, so the two grew up as companions
    -Birthday is April 20th
    -The year of her adoption Sunny began secretly dating a classmate called Barnabas "Barny" Felix
    -At 17 she was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder
    -Majoring in nursing
    -Aged 18 she received her first promotion
    -Three years later she made a new close friend, whose name is Oliver Stephen
    -At age 22 Sunny joined a campus xbox gaming team
    -The following year her social phobia worsened and she got therapy
    -During the last year of school Sunny struggled with her classes, but managed to successfully graduate
    -Age 27 she considered her beliefs about animal rights
    -Aged 28 Sunny picked up metallurgy
    -Two years later she was unfortunately diagnosed with diabetes
    -At 33 she made a new friend called Coco Marley
    -Aged 34 she got pregnant with Barny and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, who they decided to name Blossom Gaia
    -A year later the couple have another child (this time a baby boy) and get engaged. They name him Jacob Blake.
    -Age 36 the two got married
    -Three years later Barny and Sunny adopted a german shepherd puppy together and named her "Vega"
    -Barnabas, Sunny, Blossom and Jacob recently moved to Inverness, Scotland

    Paisley Rose Carbry (age 34)
    -Loyal and idealistic (INFP)
    -Born larger than usual
    -Birthday is November 17th
    -Aged 9 years old, she began to excel at Music in school
    -However, at the same time, age 11 Paisley began to struggle in Gym and other subjects
    -A year later she has to stay back in 6th Grade
    -At age 13 she was hired by the neighbours to babysit their children
    -Aged 14 Pais began dating Tobias Humphrey
    -Soon the two break up and she begins dating Caspar Ignatius
    -In her junior year of high school, Paisley unfortunately started struggling in Music as well
    -IT professional
    -In her freshman year of college, she got pregnant with Caspar, but the couple decided to do a closed adoption
    -Age 21 Pais met her closest friends, Luna Marie
    -Two years later she won a drawing contest at work
    -At 24 Pais messed up badly at work, but did not get fired for it luckily
    -A year later, Caspar proposed and she obviously said yes!
    -Aged 27 Paisley won a dancing contest at work
    -The couple volunteered as foster parents for a little girl named Aspen River (7) at 28
    -Age 30 she considered her personal values
    -Two years ago Paisley got pregnant with Caspar and gave birth to a girl named Meadow Ivy

    Gwen Cornelia Carbry (age 34)
    -Loyal and idealistic (INFP)
    -Born in an ambulance
    -Birthday is April 1st
    -At 14 she became passionate about women's rights
    -Aged 15 Gwen picked up theatre
    -Age 17 she also began struggling with Gym at school
    -Human resources expert
    -Only at age 20 did Gwen come to terms with the fact that she is a lesbian
    -During her senior year in college, she struggled at one of her classes, but managed to come out of it alive
    -Gwen at 24 opened her own deparment for the company who has employed her
    -At age 26 she met her best friend, Selena Kiri
    -A year later she began dating Everly Bardot
    -The two volunteered as foster parents for twins Fawn Montana (3) and Sparrow Juniper (3) at 28
    -The following year Gwen and Everly adopted a doggo called "Duke" together
    -Age 30 she got a significant promotion
    -This year she was diagnosed with mild schizophrenia

    Evi Fleur Carbry (age 31)
    -Kind-hearted and traditional (ISFJ)
    -Spent time in the NICU
    -Birthday is November 15th
    -At 10 she asked everyone to call her "Vivi"
    -Aged 12 Vi developed a close relationship with a far cousin
    -Age 14 she unfortunately began struggling with Science
    -At age 17 Vi joined the school play
    -At first she wanted to be a social worker, but college was tough and at the age of 18 she had to drop out
    -A year later she became deeply involved in politics
    -Vi gave birth to a baby girl ten years ago from a short term relationship and due to her young age, decided to do an open adoption
    -A year later she picked up painting
    -Aged 23 Vi got pregnant again, gave birth to a girl and did an open adoption once more
    -At 24 she began dating Judah Beckham
    -Age 29 the couple had a baby boy named Ciaran Leo and got engaged
    -Due to postpartum depression, Vi decided to move back in with her family for a while last year

    Orlando Ryouta Carbry (age 29)
    -Quiet and analytical (ISTP)
    -Born exactly at midnight
    -Birthday is September 28th
    -Aged 1 Orlando developed separation anxiety
    -At 3 he developed a general rivalry with Gerard
    -Ten years ago he began to noticeably excel at math
    -Age 10 he developed a close relationship with Ruben
    -At age 11 Orlando stayed back in 5th grade, due to some issues
    -A year later he started needing glasses
    -Aged 13 Orlando went on an exciting field trip to Portland, Oregon
    -At 15 he became sure of his asexual identity
    -Orlando was the best at math in his grade at 18
    -Picked up basketball at 19
    -Age 23 he decided to move to Providence, Rhode Island
    -The following year he began dating Harlow "Harly" Kennedy
    -The two soon had to move in with the family due to work (for some time)
    -They recently adopted a 6 year old boy called Michael James and got engaged
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    Ruben Niels Carbry (age 29)
    -Practical and athletic (ESTJ)
    -Born premature
    -Birthday is November 30th
    -Age 8 he developed a close relationship with Peter
    -Aged 10 Ruben experienced a rebellious phase and vandalised the school bus by writing on it (in small letters) "bye losers"
    -At 11 he experienced a serious case of the common cold
    -The following year he begged Mari to let him have his ears pierced, and she said yes
    -Aged 13 Ruben joined the jewelry-making club as the only boy
    -Age 14 he was diagnosed with schizophrenia
    -At age 18 he was also late-diagnosed with autism
    -Aged 19 he moved to an off campus apartment with friends whose names are: Christina Violet, Amelia Nellie and Jacques Bartolomeu
    -A year later he began struggling with some classes, but made it out alive
    -During his senior year at college Ruben declared himself atheist
    -Already at 27 he opened a scaffolding business
    -Age 28 Ru moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota for work purposes
    -Nevertheless, he too had to move back home for a while after the end of a short, intense relationship

    Morgan Yuu Carbry (age 23)
    -Warm-hearted and responsible (ESFJ)
    -Born during a storm
    -Birthday is February 13th
    -At 1 Mollie developed an allergy to cat fur
    -Aged 2 she developed a close relationship with a distant cousin
    -Age 5 Mollie became close with a great aunt
    -At age 6 she developed a rivalry with Ruben
    -Aged 10 she also got close with an extended family member's dog
    -Three years later Mollie came out as a trans male and decided that he wants to be called Morgan Yuu
    -At 14 he began struggling at school and had to stay back a grade
    -Aged 16 Morgan became passionate about politics
    -Childcare worker
    -Age 19 he acquired epilepsy

    Peter Ken Carbry (age 23)
    -Practical and athletic (ESTJ)
    -Morgan's slightly younger twin brother
    -At 3 he developed a close relationship with a great aunt
    -Aged 4 Peter unexpectedly excelled at Social Studies in kindergarten
    -Age 8, just like Ruben, he wanted to have his ears pierced
    -Three years later Peter picked up geocaching as a hobby
    -Just like Morgan, Peter began struggling at school at 14 and had to stay back a grade
    -At age 15 he joined the school newspaper
    -Two years later Peter came out as bisexual
    -Studying astronomy
    -Aged 20 he moved to an off-campus apartment with friends whose names are: Song Marcia, Violet Lyra and Reed Solo
    -At 21 Peter got a part time job in a book shop
    -The following year he had to repeat a semester, but stayed in school
    -Pete recently got diagnosed with depression

    Liam Shouta Carbry (age 11)
    -Supportive and selfless (ENFJ)
    -Born premature
    -Birthday is August 8th
    -As a baby he was given a teddy bear called "Cookie", to which he grew very attached
    -At 1 Liam became very close to a distant uncle
    -The following year he was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes
    -Aged 3 Liam once drew all over a table
    -His first crush was at 6 years old and her name was Gabriela Martha
    -A year later he started having a crush on Elizabeth Margarita
    -Age 8 Liam got his ears pierced
    -Liam recently broke his leg out playing outside

    Melody Mayu Carbry (age 10)
    -Practical and athletic (ESTJ)
    -Born with DNS
    -Storm baby
    -Birthday is August 7th
    -Since infanthood Melody has been closer to Mari than Howard
    -At 6 she skipped 1st grade

    Ludie Kendall Carbry (age 10)
    -Assertive and efficient (ENTJ)
    -Born at the same time as Sajan Kama, whose mom Vic befriended in the delivery room and the two grew up as companions
    -Birthday is May 26th
    -Gerard's daughter
    -Ludie started struggling in Gym at age 6
    -She recently got close to a distant cousin

    Mary Grace Rutherford (age 10)
    -Enthusiastic and creative (ENFP)
    -Born on January 8th, which is also India's birthday
    -Evi's daughter
    -As a baby she developed a close relationship with an older brother
    -Starting from age 2 Mary loved being read to
    -At 3 she developed a close relationship with an aunt
    -Aged 4 she drew all over a wall
    -Age 8 Mary had to stay back in 2nd grade
    -She was recently diagnosed with juvenile arthritis

    Catherine Ada Sayer (age 8)
    -Logical and reserved (INTP)
    -Spent time in the NICU
    -Birthday is September 14th
    -Evi's daughter
    -Even as a baby she loved running around and climbing
    -At 1 she became friends with a 5 year old boy named Dashiell Cruz, who always wanted to play with her
    -Aged 2 she had an accident at the playground and broke her arm
    -A year later Cat started needing glasses
    -Age 5 she became interested in board games
    -She recently fell off a tree and broke a leg

    Blossom Gaia Rios (age 7)
    -Brilliant and perfectionistic (INTJ)
    -Born by an emergency c-section
    -Birthday is May 21st
    -Sunny's daughter
    -At 1 she showed an early interest in music
    -Aged 4 in preschool she struggled a little in gross motor activities
    -Bloss has recently showed a great talent for the arts

    Jacob Blake Rios (age 6)
    -Serious and dependable (ISTJ)
    -Born premature
    -Was a larger newborn than normal
    -Birthday is July 13th
    -Sunny's son
    -Since birth he has been very close to Blossom
    -Aged 2 Jake developed an allergy to cat fur
    -At 3 he started needing glasses
    -Two years later he was ill with measles
    -For this reason he began struggling at some subjects in kindergarten
    -Jacob recently fell in love with board games

    Michael James Carbry (age 6)
    -Logical and reserved (INTP)
    -Born smaller than usual
    -Birthday is June 1st
    -Orlando's son

    Meadow Ivy Booker (age 2)
    -Resourceful and competitive (ENTP)
    -Born on uncle Orlando's birthday (September 28th)
    -Paisley's daughter
    -Age 1 she fell off the couch and needed stitches on her head
    -Her favourite teddy is a cat plush named "Powerpuff"

    Ciaran Leo Beckham (age 2)
    -Social and fun-loving (ESFP)
    -Born with complications
    -Birthday is January 23rd
    -Evi's son
    -Ciaran is allergic to cat fur

    Foster grandchildren:
    Lana Fleur (age 16)
    -Serious and dependable (ISTJ)
    -Born with a full head of hair
    -Birthday is January 13th
    -Ashton's foster daughter
    -At 11 she started excelling in Gym

    Chrysanthe Hazel (age 14)
    -Kind-hearted and traditional (ISFJ)
    -Born in an ambulance
    -Birthday is March 4th
    -Ashton's foster daughter

    Aspen River (age 13)
    -Logical and reserved (INTP)
    -Born smaller than most
    -Birthday is January 7th
    -Paisley's foster daughter

    Fawn Montana (age 9)
    -Practical and athletic (ESTJ)
    -Born larger than most
    -Birthday is August 14th
    -Gwen's foster son

    Sparrow Juniper (age 9)
    -Practical and athletic (ESTJ)
    -Born by c-section, Fawn's twin sister
    -Birthday is October 5th
    -Gwen's foster daughter

    Branden Cephas (age 7)
    -Practical and athletic (ESTJ)
    -Born premature
    -Birthday is February 27th
    -Ashton's foster son
    -At age 2 he cut his finger on some glass and needed stitches
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    Year 21: Adrienne and Hezekiah adopt a 16-year-old boy, Ammon Ulysses.

    Year 22: Hezekiah goes back to school for nursing.

    Year 23: Adrienne and Hezekiah struggle with their relationship, but work it out.

    Year 24: The Keller's adopt a female Wheaten Terrier named Breeze.

    Year 25: The Keller's take a trip to several smaller attractions in Massachusetts.

    Year 26: Adrienne and Hezekiah pick up scrapbooking.

    Year 27: Adrienne and Hezekiah pick up another hobby, jogging.

    Year 28: Adrienne and Hezekiah's niece, Ilma (25), gets married, and the family travels back to New York for the wedding.

    Year 29: Adrienne has a midlife crisis, and gets a tattoo of the kids' initials.

    Year 30: Adrienne's parents, Simon (86) and Brooke (84), move in with the Keller's.

    ADS: Darius Roy Keller
    -32 years old
    -Artistic and sensitive (ISFP)
    -Graphic Designer
    -Married to Agatha Keller (née Beighlie) (32)
    -Born in a state prison hospital ward in February, then put into foster care shortly after.
    -At 23, is late diagnosed with ADHD.
    -At 26, moves back in with his parents for 2 months due to injury.
    -At 29, gets engaged to Agatha.
    -At 32, marries Agatha.

    DD: Albany Vienna Keller
    -27 years old
    -Assertive and efficient (ENTJ)
    -Doctor of Internal Medicine
    -At 18, graduates high school and goes to college for internal medicine. While in her freshman year, she befriends six other students: Albert, Barbara, Christiane, Eric, Gabriel, and Harald.
    -At 19, becomes passionate about the war in Syria.
    -At 22, discovers she's non-binary.
    -At 23, is diagnosed with a personality disorder.
    -At 25, gets her degree in Internal Medicine. She picks up painting as a hobby.
    -At 27, gets her license to practice medicine!

    DD: Britannia Tokio Keller
    -25 years old
    -Warmhearted and responsible (ESFJ)
    -Born smaller than usual in May.
    -Probate Lawyer
    -Dating Corbin MacDonald (25)
    -At 16, gets a summer job.
    -At 18, graduates high school and goes to law school. While in her freshman year, she joins a religious organization on campus.
    -At 19, starts dating Corbin Whitney MacDonald.
    -At 20, excels at one of her classes.
    -At 21, does a semester in Auckland, New Zealand.
    -At 22, converts to another religion.
    -At 23, takes up gardening.
    -Deaf at 24.
    -At 25, graduates law school and starts her job as a probate lawyer. She considers a change in personal values.

    ADS: Ammon Ulysses Keller
    -25 years old
    -Resourceful and competitive (ENTP)
    -Born in September, larger than usual.
    -At 16, is adopted by Adrienne and Hezekiah Keller. He befriends five other kids from school: Carl, Janet, Douglas, Hugh, and Randall.
    -At 18, graduates high school and goes to culinary school to become a baker.
    -At 20, graduates from culinary school and starts his job as a baker. He takes up cycling.
    -At 22, gets into trouble at his job for botching a cake order. The situation is resolved, as it was an accident.
    -At 24, wins a national baking contest.
    -At 25, he considers political involvement.

    ADD: Freya Makenna Keller
    -23 years old
    -Assertive and efficient (ENTJ)
    -Born in May with a full head of hair.
    -Social Worker
    -Dating Arian Catalani (23)
    -Mother of Victoria Catalani (3)
    -At 14, starts dating Arian Upaz Catalani.
    -At 18, switches to contacts.
    -At 19, graduates high school and goes to college to become a social worker. Converts to another religion.
    -At 20, gets pregnant with Arian's child. She gives birth to a baby girl. She and Arian keep her and name her Victoria Larissa.
    -At 21, does a semester in Des Moines, Iowa. She leaves Victoria with Arian.
    -At 23, opens an adoption agency.

    ADD: Anais Zola Keller
    -23 years old
    -Loyal and idealistic (INFP)
    -Born in May, in her biological parents' car, miles from the nearest hospital.
    -Telecommunication Engineer
    -At 14, takes a school trip to St. David's, Wales.
    -At 15, joins the Robotics Team at school.
    -At 16, takes up cooking as a hobby.
    -At 18, graduates high school and goes to school for Engineering. She gets a part-time job at the college bookstore.
    -At 21, takes up photography as a hobby.
    -At 23, graduates with her Engineering degree and starts her job as a Telecommunication Engineer. Considers her own beliefs in political involvement.

    DS: Canaan Siam Keller
    -22 years old
    -Kindhearted and traditional (ISFJ)
    -Born prematurely in September.
    -In business college
    -At 16, learns he needs glasses.
    -At 18, while in his first year of college, he becomes passionate about scientific research.

    ADD: Ruby Savannah Keller
    -22 years old
    -Brilliant and perfectionistic (INTJ)
    -Born in March, at the same time as another kid, Bahram Sirius Amatangelo, whose mom Ruby's biological mom befriended while in the hospital. Ruby and Bahram become lifelong friends.
    -In college for Elementary Education
    -At 14, struggles with Science in school.
    -Deaf at 16.
    -At 17, gets involved in student activism.

    ADD: Clementine Violet Keller
    -20 years old
    -Loyal and idealistic (INFP)
    -Born on New Year's Day
    -In college for Computer Programming
    -At 11, starts bullying other kids at school.
    -At 15, has her first kiss.

    ADS: Dashiell Zane Keller
    -18 years old
    -Brilliant and perfectionistic (INTJ)
    -Born late in September, spent time in the NICU.
    -At 11, develops a rivalry with Eli.
    -At 12, begs his parents to let him get one of his ears pierced. Adrienne and Hezekiah say no.
    -At 13, struggles in school and stays back a grade.
    -At 14, struggles with Drama in school.

    ADS: Elvis Waldo Keller
    -18 years old
    -Serious and dependable (ISTJ)
    -Born late in September, spent time in the NICU.
    -In college for Nursing
    -At 11, struggles with Band in school.
    -At 15, is diagnosed with PTSD.
    -At 16, discovers he's bisexual.
    -At 17, gets a part-time job.
    -At 18, while in his first year of college, excels at one of his classes.

    DS: Cyrus Wade Keller
    -12 years old
    -Friendly and fast-paced (ESTP)
    -Born in February with blindness.
    -At 7, struggles with Science in school.
    -At 8, breaks his leg while playing and has to be taken to the ER.
    -At 11, stays back a grade because he's struggling.

    DS: Eli Harry Keller
    -12 years old
    -Logical and reserved (INTP)
    -Born larger than usual in February.
    -At 4, gets into a conflict with another kid at his preschool, Gennaro Borgia.
    -At 5, he's not developmentally ready to move to the next year of school, so he stays back a year.
    -At 6, takes up Visual Arts as a hobby.
    -At 7, begs his parents to let him get one of his ears pierced. Adrienne and Hezekiah say no.
    -At 8, excels at Math in school.

    DGD: Victoria Larissa Catalani
    -3 years old
    -Brilliant and perfectionistic (INTJ)
    -Born in December
    -When Victoria's an infant, a neighbor kid, 2-year-old August Gollamudi, is always asking if he can "help" with the baby.
    -At 1, develops a toddlerhood fear of Halloween, and is given a stuffed bunny named Bambi.
    -At 3, develops a close relationship with her aunt Albany.

    The Keller's:
    DH: Hezekiah John Keller (53)
    DW: Adrienne Leyla (Stark) Keller (53)
    ADS: Darius Roy Keller (32)
    -DW: Agatha Theodora (Beighlie) Keller (32)
    DD: Albany Vienna Keller (27)
    DD: Britannia Tokio Keller (25)
    -DBF: Corbin Whitney MacDonald (25)
    ADD: Freya Makenna Keller (23)
    -DBF: Arian Upaz Catalani (23)
    --DD: Victoria Larissa Catalani (3)
    ADD: Anais Zola Keller (23)
    DS: Canaan Siam Keller (22)
    ADD: Ruby Savannah Keller (22)
    ADD: Clementine Violet Keller (20)
    ADS: Dashiell Zane Keller (18)
    ADS: Elvis Waldo Keller (18)
    DS: Cyrus Wade Keller (12)
    DS: Eli Harry Keller (12)
    Possible future son names:
    Thaddeus John
    Kenneth Tobias
    Joseph Terrence
    Samuel Eliezer
    Cillian Padraic
    Phineas Michael
    Nathaniel Jonah
    Arthur Henry
    Quentin Josiah

    Possible future daughter names:
    Sybil Johannah
    Beatrice Laureline
    Deryn Maia
    Rebekah Sarai
    Sarah Kennedy
    Primrose May
    Haven Dorothy
    Saoirse Niamh
    Cadence Snow

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    Me: Elodie Anastasia Fitzgerald (51)
    -Warmhearted & Responsible (ESFJ), Baker & Left-handed
    DH: Ethan Travis McAllister (52)
    -Practical & Athletic (ESTJ), Parametic & has ADHD

    Family Plot
    Year 21: The McAllisters go on an exciting family vacation to a location with major historical significance.
    Year 22: They volunteer as foster parents. They take in six siblings: Dorian Misha (15), Romeo Corin (14), Bronte Lux (13), Briony Ellis (11), Luna Calliope (10) and Aurora Rain Huckleberry (5). Elodie & Ethan adopt the siblings.
    Year 23: Elodie's sister Lydia is under difficult circumstances and moves in with the family
    Year 24: Uneventful year
    Year 25: They adopt a female Siberian kitten named, Daisy
    Year 26: Elodie's brother Cormac dies
    Year 27: The family gets into conflict with Ethan's mum, Kimberly
    Year 28: They adopt a female Wheaten Terrier named, Rue
    Year 29: Elodie & Ethan go on a vacation to the beach without the kids
    Year 30: The McAllisters obtain a moderate amount of money by chance


    DS1 (30): Benedict 'Ben' Jack McAllister [INFP, Left-handed]
    -Born larger than a normal sized baby who is a multiple (August)
    -When Ben was only a few months old, he was given a stuffed cat that he grew very attached to; he named it Boots.
    -When Ben was 2, the neighbour - a boy named Ashton Jesse 'AJ' Kingston (5) - is always asking to play with Ben and later in life, develops a mentor relationship and guides Ben
    -At age 3, Ben develops a rivalry with his triplet brother, Bo
    -At age 4, while Ben is in Kindergarten he struggles a lot with Art
    -At age 8, Ben suffers from an injury and had to be taken to the ER. He fell off the swings and broke his arm
    -At age 10, Ben suffers from a serious illness, pneumonia
    -At age 14, Ben joined his school's chess club
    -At age 16, Ben starts cycling & is in his first serious relationship with his classmate, Phoebe Imogen Smith
    -At 17, Ben joins the school's track team
    -Ben becomes a Graphic Designer but decides to go to the community college for two years, to have some form of post-secondary education
    -At age 20, he becomes depressed and is starting to struggle with his studies and drops out & finds a job as a Graphic Designer
    -At age 21, Ben learns he needs glasses
    -At age 23, Ben got in trouble at his work and unfortunately, was fired. Thankfully, he was able to find another job at a different company.
    -At age 25, Ben moves back home with his parents for some time because his relationship with Phoebe ended and they were living together.
    -At age 28, Ben starts dabbling with photography

    DS2 (30): Tobias 'Bo' Luke McAllister [ESTP, ADHD]
    -Toby was very small at birth (August)
    -Toby was only a few months old when he was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes
    -At age 1, Toby is diagnosed with separation anxiety
    -At age 2, instead of going by Toby, he now goes by Bo
    -At age 3, Bo gets into a conflict with a fellow classmate - Poppy Gale - over his name
    -At age 4, Bo develops a close relationship with his sister Beth
    -Bo wanders off in a store and gets lost when he is 5
    -At age 6, he develps an interest in building things with LEGOs
    -At age 7, Ben and Simon develop a sibling rivilary
    -At age 11, Bo questions his own identity & begs his parents to let him get his ears pierced
    -At age 12, Bo becomes closer to Ben
    -At age 15, Bo figures out & accepts that he is part of the LGBT+ community & identifies as bisexual
    -At age 17, Bo goes on a school trip to Wales
    -Bo goes straight into the workforce as a Mechanic & when he is 20 he wins a contest
    -At age 21, Bo adopts a pet dog named Duke
    -At age 22, Bo gets into trouble at work, but is given a second chance
    -At age 25, Bo moves back in with his parents due to financial hardship.
    -At age 26, Bo is diagnosed with being hard of hearing and requires hearing aid.
    -At age 27, Bo considers his own beliefs about scientific research
    -At age 29, Bo begins a new romantic relationship with Austen Kennedy Baldwin [31]
    -At age 30, Ben and Austen got to the city for a little vacation.

    DD1 (30): Elizabeth 'Beth' Jane McAllister [ENFJ, Left-handed & ADHD]
    -When Beth was born she had to spend more time in the NICU (August)
    -When Beth is only a few months old, they discover she is allergic to cats
    -At age 2, Beth becomes closer to Ethan
    -At age 5, Beth is diagnosed with an Intellectual Disability
    -At age 6, Beth develops a close relationship with her Auntie Lexie
    -At age 8, Beth befriends three people: Heidi Patricia Noble, Bronte Bernadette Ellis and Justin Adolph Tomoko
    -At age 11, she gets into conflict with her classmate - River Sage - & is diagnosed with EDS
    -At age 12, she breaks her leg on the trampoline
    -At age 13, she struggles with her Art studies
    -Beth is going to University to become a Nurse (25)
    -At age 22, Beth excels at one of her university classes
    -At age 24, Beth joins a school club (Student Government)
    -At age 25, Beth has a new romantic interest, Dean Robert Sylvester [26]. Plus, she has officially become a nurse.
    -At age 26, Beth and Dean go an educational vacation trip
    -At age 27, Beth needs to get glasses
    -At age 29, Beth becomes friends with three people: Yared Ray Pytor, Dylan Lloyd Cash and Aaliyah Louann Ludwig

    DAS3 (29): Simon Cohen McAllister [ISFP]
    -Simon was born larger than a normal baby (August)
    -At age 2, Simon swallows a coin & needed an x-ray
    -At age 3, Simon gets into a conflict with Reed Sirius Flint
    -At age 5, Simon struggles with his Literacy studies
    -At age 6, Simon considers his own identity & grows his hair out
    -At age 9, Simon has a crush on his classmate, Emma-Claire Lincoln
    -At age 12, Simon develops a close relationship with his sister Kate
    -At age 15, Simon decides he doesn't believe in Catholic beliefs he converts to Protestantism & Simon starts to draw more
    -At age 16, Simon experiments with a female friend
    -At age 17, Simon struggles with Social Studies
    -Simon goes to university to become a doctor (25)
    -At age 20, Simon gets a part-time job
    -At age 21, Simon makes on good friend from one of his classes: Jimmy Carlos Gerhard and Derek Martin Makoto
    -At age 22, Simon is diagnosed with Paralysis
    -At age 23, Simon moves into an off campus apartment with Jimmy and Derek
    -At age 25, Simon struggles with one of his classes, but he pushes through and graduates.
    -At age 27, Simon opens up his own medical clinic

    DS4 (27): Camden Brecken McAllister [ENTJ, Left-handed & ADHD]
    -When Camden was born he was underweight (September)
    -When Camden is only a few months old, he & Simon become very close
    -At age 1, Camden hurt himself & required stitches
    -At age 2, Camden develops a fear of doctors
    -At age 7, Camden befriends three kids: Leopold 'Leo' Patrick Justice, Albert 'Bertie' Ameen Tomoko and Archie Severin Fidel
    -At age 8, Camden gets glasses for reading
    -At age 9, Camden broke his arm while playing outside
    -At age 10, Camden must wear glasses all the time now
    -At age 12, Camden becomes very close to his grandfather Conrad
    -At age 13, Camden struggles with Social Studies
    -At age 17, Camden really struggles with his studies in English
    -Camden goes to university to become an engineer (23).
    -At age 20, Camden decides to switch to contacts instead of glasses
    -At age 21, Camden is diagnosed with chronic asthma
    -At age 24, Camden graduated from university and has been diagnosed as bipolar
    -At age 26, Camden gets a significant promotion
    -At age 27, Camden is in a new romantic relationship with Delphine Edith Walter (28) and she has four children: Maximus (9), Felix (8), Brice (3) and Roman (2).

    DD2 (24): Catherine 'Kate' Hazel McAllister [ENTP]
    -Was born by emergency C-Section (January)
    -At age 2, she receives a stuffed Owl that she names Ollie
    -At age 4, Kate experiences a serious case of Chicken Pox
    -At age 10, Kate stays back a grade because she is struggling with her studies
    -At age 11, Kate develops a close relationship with her brother, Will
    -At age 12, Kate excels in her favourite elective, cooking
    -At age 18, Kate has been diagnosed - late - with dyslexia. She will graduate when she is 19.
    -Kate does not go to university, she becomes an artist
    -At age 21, Kate begins a romantic relationship with Davis Bailey O'Keeffe
    -At age 22, Kate wins an Art competition.

    DS5 (24): William 'Will' James McAllister [ENFJ]
    -Will was delivered by emergency c-section & was born with a full head of hair (January)
    -At age 3, Will is diagnosed with Selective Mutism
    -At age 4, he takes an interest in telling stories
    -At age 7, Will is really struggling with his studies & is advised to stay back a grade
    -At age 10, Will experiences a serious illness (Measles)
    -At age 12, Will is diagnosed with Dyscalculia
    -At age 14, Will excels at English & is diagnosed with depression
    -At age 16, Will begins a romantic relationship with Marigold 'Mari' Ariana Kim-Ly
    -At age 18, Will joins his high school band
    -At age 19, Will graduates high school and spends his first semester of university abroad in Charlotte, North Carolina.
    -Will is going to university to become an Astronomer (22)
    -At age 20, Will experiences anxiety (social phobia)
    -At age 22, Will becomes passionate about an international issue and graduates from university
    -At age 23, Will gets a significance promotion at work
    -At age 24, Will starts playing piano
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    •Evangeline Kate•Georgiana Celeste•Gwendolyn Alice•Hermione Rose•
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