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    They do work, but they're all very stylistically different imo. Arran seems especially out of place -- I think Hayes, Avery or Palmer from your signature would work well.


    Thoughts on Lenna?
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    I think the pronunciation is confusing. My first thought was to pronounce it as Lena, but it could also be pronunciation like Kenna.

    I would just use Lena.

    What do you think of France for a girl? Any possible middle names?
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    I know it's been used as a legitimate name but it just reminds me of the country for me; so I'm not too keen on it (as beautiful as the country itself is). For middle names though, how about:

    France Aurelia
    France Amalia
    France Madeleine
    France Georgiana
    France Lavinia
    France Ophelia
    France Louisa
    France Adelaide
    France Olivia
    France Annabel
    France Josephine
    France Victoria
    France Isabel
    France Alessia
    France Caroline
    France Marguerite
    France Isadora
    France Matilda
    France Vivienne
    France Adela
    France Catherine
    France Sofia
    France Anneliese
    France Margot
    France Helena
    France Theodora
    France Mabel
    France Ottilie
    France Violet
    France Leonor
    France Viola
    France Juliet

    I hope you like some of these

    What are your thoughts on Liv Isadora?
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    I'm personally not a fan, I think shortness of Liv clashes with lengthy and vowel heavy Isadora. I know Isadora isn't as long as some names, but Liv somehow makes Isadora long. I think it's otherwise lovely combo.
    Other suggestions are
    Anouk Isadora
    Gwen Isadora
    Enid Isadora
    Yaelle Isadora
    Yvette Isadora

    Thoughts on Louise Morwenna - besides obvious lenght, which I think it can't be fixed, does it sound OK to you?

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    Louise Morwenna is so pretty! The names go together really well, flow nicely, and I like the mix of familiar and uncommon. I don't even think it's too long.

    Please help me name a cat! She's small and white with black patches. I'm looking for a third name to finish these options, or other names that seem to fit this style. Yes, I'm giving two middle names to a cat (that's not even mine).
    Harriet Adeliza____
    Harriet Georgiana____
    Harriet Swanhilde____
    Harriet____ Ines
    Harriet Magnolia ___
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    Teen Berry
    Planning ahead, not expecting just yet.

    Francis Levi "Frankie" Farrah Grace "Fairy"
    Freddy Jude "Fred" Felicity Hope "Lissy"
    Fletcher Grey Fawn Loralie

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    I’m not especially keen on February. I love word names, and most month names are pretty nice, but February jusr isn’t for me. The pronunciation has always tripped me up, as I’m inclined to skip the first “r” when I say it out loud. The sound in general also isn’t one that I find particularly pretty for a little girl. She could go by Fay, though, which is a lovely nickname.


    Same question as above.
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    My least favourite month name, though February 'Fay' is quite adorable.

    Names similar in style with Jarvis?

    Sorry for my English. Its not my first language, and I try my best

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    I think it’s nice. To me, Jesse seems sort of like a girls name, and sounds a little greasy, so I might pick a different first name. However, the combo sounds nice, and both names compliment each other.

    Thoughts on Bellatrix, Sunday, and Clemency? Names similar to these?

    Eve November


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