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    1. Would you ever foster children?

    2. Would you ever go vegetarian/pescatarian/vegan, and why?
    I've been vegetarian for almost 9 years
    edit: because I started as a teen in an attempt to do everything right and it stuck

    3. Would you ever write a book?
    I'm trying! The real question here is would I ever finish x)

    4. Would you ever get a tattoo (of what and where)?

    probably not

    5. Would you ever travel around the world in a year on very little money?
    maybe, if I had the time and someone to do it with

    6. Would you ever have 5 or more pets at a time (not including fish or other small pets)?

    I've never had even one so... no

    7. Would you ever raise a kid gender neutral or similar?
    I'm not sure what you mean by that. If you mean keeping their sex a secret for as long as possible, then no. If you mean they can have whatever name/haircut/hobbies/clothes/friends they want, then of course, what kind of person wouldn't

    8. Would you ever sell all your possessions and start fresh?
    No, I'm kind of attached to some of it

    1. Have you done "youtube challenges" like eating a spoon of cinnamon or a dry toast in under a minute?
    2. What are your favourite songlyrics?
    3. It's Halloween! What's the scariest thing that ever happened to you?
    4. Do you have a favourite item/thing?
    Wanda | 23 | two weeks in and I already hate calculus to the moon and back
    just playing around
    Rebekka Ursula Nerys, Amos Alois Prosper, Zippora Ezri Gabriele, Gideon Elim Sturm

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