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    @Ash Aw, hopefully your mum will let you have them! And you’re welcome!

    I love Genevie Anna, Esme Margaret and Eilidh Sofia! Ocean, Reef, Poseidon and Xerxes are such cool names too!
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    @ashthedreamer thank you! Timsal means symbol and is an Arabic name, Mihal is Ottoman Turkish and means strength, Mihal is from a book I recently read. I love Simcha Joseph-Claude, Xerxes Ethan, Mirai Elizabeth and Esma Margaret.

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    @-eagleeyes-, I love the quiet sophistication of Ulisse Benjamin. Wyatt is so perfect for the serious Ulysses. I’ve definitely been crushing on Ulysses lately. Uriah Cayson is absolutely adorable, and I love the sweetness of Uriah Wesley. Umbrielle Vivi is so pretty, it reminds me of poppies and lovely things. Urie Hannah is also just divinely pretty. I will be so sad when we get to the end of your alphabet signatures!
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    @ashthedreamer Eliza Gwendolyn is so sweet! I really like it - so balanced between light and clunky. Gwendolyn Vera is cute too!!
    Caedmon Jack is super cool! Like you though, I have a bit of a weird connotation with it. It was the name of a ferry I used to go on when I went on holiday as a kid so it feels out of use!

    Reef Joshua 'Rory' is just stunning and I love Everest John!
    Darby William is brilliant, as is Kekoa Andrew and I love Mirai Elizabeth, Esma Margaret, Eilidh Sofia (Eilidh!!!) And Mira-Jane Elizabeth (so cute)

    @jonquils Fox Gideon is just incredible!! It gives me such orange and gold imagery! Horatio Winter is just lovely and I'm enjoying Bram Wilder, Orwell Peregrine and Robin Elias too!
    Ophelia Glow is so bright and sweet , Sunny Lucille is so happy, Olive Isadora is charming and I love Antonia Willow!
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    More names!

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    @jonquils: Antonia Willow is gorgeous!
    @sparkleninja18: Aveline Yara is stunning and I’m loving Vivienne Hero, Saela Vesper and Mila Ariadne too.
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