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    Wesley Arthur 'Wes': I'm not a fan of Wesley but I love Arthur and the combo flows well. Wes is a cool nickname and makes Wesley feel more modern and friendly. 7/10
    Benedict Edmund 'Ned': I'm usually not a fan of Benedict but I love this combo a lot. I don't think Ned works too well as a nickname though but I can see why you thought of it. 8/10
    Rufus Elliott: I wish I got over the dog association I have with Rufus, because it's a handsome name. Rufus Elliott is wonderful though. 9/10
    Barnaby Cedric: I'm not big on either names and I'd slightly prefer the flow of Cedric Barnaby, if I could switch things up a bit. 5/10
    Lawrence Gabriel 'Lawrie': I'm not a fan of Lawrence but love this combo. 8/10
    Montgomery 'Monty': I'm not a fan of Montgomery as it makes me think of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons (I used to be a big Simpsons fan), and Monty is more of a dogs name for me, sorry. 3/10
    Rowan: I love and prefer Rowan for a boy. It's on my own list. 10/10
    Byron: This is NMS, sorry! 3/10
    Demelza Astrid 'Demi': I'm liking Demelza a bit more than I used to, though I find Astrid harsh but it's a good combo. I like how Demi makes Demelza seem more modern but it does make me immediately think of Demi Lovato. 7/10
    Miranda Verity: I'm not a fan of either names but they flow well. 6/10
    Romilly Arabella 'Romy': Romilly seems a little masculine for me though Romilly Arabella is a nice combo. It feels rather aristocratic. 8/10
    Margot Audrey: Audrey is a little too old ladyish for me though I love this combo a lot. It's so chic and sophisticated. 9/10
    Meredith: This is a little stuffy and old fashioned for me, sorry! 3/10
    Minerva: I'm not totally crazy about Minerva, though it's okay. 5/10
    Isadora: I love Isadora, and have it on my own list. It's rather magical. 10/10
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    Adelina Sophia, great combo. I love Sophia/Sofya so much. Adelina seems interesting also.
    + Magdalena Élisabeth, I am not sure about É but it is a nice combo, although both names are long.
    + Isla Aveline, do they have similar pronunciation? They are still good names though
    + Elysia Rose, good but not that interesting for me seems so safe.
    + Ophelia Maeve♡ that hearth deserves its place. Ophelia and Maeve are lovely. And I don't even like O names.

    Leo Xavier, Leo is my favorite character from my favorite book. X in Xavier is fresh and they are great together.
    + Alexander George, great classical combo.
    + Thomas Archie, they aren't suitable for each other.
    + Harry Lysander, another L name! I love l names.
    + Jasper Ellis Theodore☆ I don't like Theodore other than that great name.

    Chloe, there was a song with that name. It is a cute name.
    + Miriam, I don't like Mary and similar names, except Mariye
    + Adela, I think I am too used to Adelaide that it feels like something is missing
    + Bertie not a name I like
    + Edgar, great name I don't hear it much
    + Constantine, good but not a name I like along with Theodore
    GP Crushes
    Thisbe, reminds me Tilbe. I have mix feelings abou t it.
    + Floria, I don't like F names. Doesn't sound bad right?
    + Snow, really a GP. But I have Karya on my list. Maybe as middle name?
    + Junius, not a name I like, I don't know why?
    + Serafino, good but not my cup of tea.
    + Luciano, I don't know why it is a GP, it's a great name!

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    Hi again!
    I've done yours before
    Favorites for boys:

    Favorites for girls:
    Also like:
    Like as NN:
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    Miles Owen: Miles is a lovely, smooth, classic choice. The friendly, jovial Owen fits well. A nice combination.
    Finn Johannes: I know so many Finn's that I am a little over it (I prefer the jauntier Finnegan), but it is a nice choice. Johannes fits nicely and is a lovely honour name.
    Ansel Klein: Ansel Klein feels both wonderfully minimalistic and arty. I really like it.
    Galen Atlas: I'm not a big fan of either, but they fit together well.

    Aveline Pearl- Beautiful combination- very sweet and classy.
    Phoebe Peregrin- Phoebe is a bit of a 'non' name to me (maybe just because I know so many), but Peregrin is so spunky as a middle name- I love it, especially with a classic like Phoebe.
    Norah Annelise- I'm not the biggest Norah fan, and I prefer either Anneliese or Annalise (Annelise looks muddled to me), but they sound lovely together.
    Aurelia Roamer- This is a really fun combination- I like it.
    Juliet Lane- This sounds lovely together. I'm not a huge fan of either name, but they fit together beautifully.
    Annelise Eeren- Again, I prefer Anneliese or Annalise (though Anneliese is my favourite), but this is a beautiful combination- my favourite by far.

    Next poster: I apologise for how long my signature is- feel free to just do ratings or pick your least favourites and favourites, etc. if you want.
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    Mary Valentine - So sweet and cute! This would be adorable on a February baby.
    Bessie Prairie - I'm not fond of the double -ie ending. Sounds more like a place than a child.
    Frances Dove - The flow isn't the greatest, and I think Frances would flow better with something a bit more feminine.
    Yuki Camellia - I enjoy Japanese names, but Yuki isn't one that I'm too fond of. Camellia is interesting.
    Susanna Timshel - Susanna is okay, Timshel seems made up to me.
    Camellia Carys - Do you pronounce Carys (CARE-iss)? If you do, I prefer the Karis spelling. It would also break up the double C's. Overall the combo is okay.
    Constance Abra - Love Constances, Abra is forever a Pokemon.
    Esther Annabelle - Total Southern Belle. Not necessarily a bad thing.
    Fern Francesca - I find this quite charming actually. A good sister to Ester Annabelle.
    Fay O'Brian - Not fond of either name. I'm not understanding O'Brian on a girl at all.
    Shalom Galilee - Neither name is for me.
    Dossie Flora - Flora is cute. Dossie, not so much.

    Abraham Amzi - Neither name is for me.
    Enzo Raphael - Raphael is cute. Enzo isn't my style.
    Bellamy Frederick - Bellamy is all girl to me, and Frederick is nice and strong.
    Dougal Kato - Not my style.
    David Anders - Cute.
    Obadiah Dove - Not my cup of tea.
    Clancy Lazarus - Not for me.
    Murphy Jericho - Jericho is interesting. Murphy isn't for me though.
    Lemuel Jethro - Jethro is cute, but Lemuel isn't my style.
    Zebedee Shalom - Neither name is for me.
    Barnaby O'Brian - The name is too repetitive for me sound-wise.
    Dossie Kip - Don't like Dossie on a boy either, and Kip doesn't really make an impression on me.
    Francis Gardener - I find this kinda cute. I think it goes along with Esther and Fern.
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