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    87infinite you didn't leave a signature so there are no names to rate

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    Nothing to be sorry about, I was quite curious what somebody not used to Polish names would think about them (; One thing - those are not Slavic names, just those are acceptable in Poland variants of names which have different origins (;

    Aniela - is pronounced "ah-ñe-lah", ("ni" gives sound like Spanish "ñ").
    Celina - for sure wouldn't be confused with Selena here, "c" is like "ts" sound in "cats".
    Eliza - doesn't look as nickname to me, maybe because our variant of Elizabeth is Elżbieta (:
    Idalia - isn't popular here, but Dalia (what would be Polish variant of Dahlia) can be even less popular, I guess.
    Kalina, Klara - those are only possible variants, as we don't pronounce "c" as "k".
    Leonia - I guess Leona would be accepted too. Actually, I need to think which one I prefer (:
    Marcela - I would use Marcella spelling in English, definitely, but in Polish it's Marcela. Generally, variants with single letter are adviced rather with double, though there are some names of which both forms are used commonly. This is not one of them.
    Melania - I like Melanie better, too, but again - it's the only possible variant here!
    Renata - "cute" is probably the last thing I would expect to hear about this name (which doesn't seem to be liked but many people), but that's nice (:
    Franciszek - hm, let's try: frahn-chee-shek. With rolled "r" and softer "ch", like in Spanish "chica".
    Michał - "ch" is pronounced like "h" in Holly, "ł" is like "w" in "water".
    Rafał - again, the only accepted here variant.
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    I don't know who's signature to rate since two people posted so I'll do the last two!

    Ophelia: 7/10: I would love to meet an Ophelia! I think its a very pretty name. -ia endings are my fav for girls.
    Leonor: 3/10 I don't think this appeals to me, sounds like its cut off at the end, like there needs to be an A
    Penelope: 6/10 Nice name but mostly I LOVE all the nicknames that go with it!! (Poppy, Lolly, Lola, Penny..)
    August: 5/10 Just okay.. I'm indifferent
    Caspar: 8/10 I so love the sound of this name!! I wish it wasn't so attached to the friendly ghost. When I mentioned this name awhile ago to my SO he said "No way, what if our kid is really pale?" haha but I think the name is great
    Elliot: 8/10. Love this name too! I like longer names and I used to nanny a little red headed Elliot who was so cute
    Oscar: 9/10: This is one of my favorites! Strong and quirky
    Theo: 7/10. If this was Theodore, it would be 1000/10 haha. I like Theo for a nickname but not a full name

    @claragray. Your names seem tough for me. I am from the states and these are very unknown over here but I will try!
    Aniela: 7/10; if I am pronouncing it right, it sounds pretty!
    Antonia: 5/10 I don't really like this one, I know too many Anthony's and Tony's for boys
    Celina: 5/10: I'm indifferent on this one
    Eliza: 7/10: Pretty!
    Esteria: 6/10 I like the -ia ending and the E beginning
    Idalia: 7/10 very interesting, never heard this before but I quite like it! Dalia/Dahlia is one of my favorites and the I in the beginning is quite nice
    Kalina: 5/10: I am not a huge fan of K names
    Klara: 5/10 I don't like the K spelling
    Leonia: 5/10 The Leo beginning is what gets me, I like Leo on a boy so this doesn't seem as pretty to me
    Marcela: 5/10 I'm neutral
    Melania: 6/10 I love the -ia ending again! But I don't like that it sounds liike Melanie, which seems dated to me.
    Renata: 2/10,. just not something I like
    Bartosz: I don't even know haha but it looks cool!
    Franciszek: I don't know about this one either. I think I like it!
    Gabriel: 6/10. I met a sweet Gabriel once and he made me like this name. Sounds sweet, humble but still strong
    Ignacy: 3/10 Not sure
    Julian: 4/10 not my style I guess
    Michat: 5/10 netrail. I kind of like the sound of it. It could grow on me
    Rafat: 3/10 I don't like the -fat ending!

    I tried my best. I hope I didn't offend anyone!
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    Aurora - 9/10. Is getting a lot of love lately, and it deserves it! I sliiightly prefer the more unusual Aurelia.
    Ariel - 7/10. I prefer the Shakespeare character to the mermaid, but either way it's a great name (on both genders, IMO.)
    Cordelia - 9/10. Love the name and its nn options (Delia = perfection!), dislike the Shakespeare character.
    Dahlia - 9.5/10. I adore this name!
    Georgia - 6/10. Not my style, but pleasant and substantial.
    Mirabel - 8.5/10. Really like it. I was very excited to meet a Mirabelle in real life last summer.
    Scarlett - 4/10. NMS; I think it sounds really unpleasant.
    Tallulah - 8/10. Very cute and bold.

    Arthur - 9/10; Strong and handsome.
    Dexter - 7/10. Has a nerdy/murderous image thanks to TV, but still cool.
    Edwin - 6/10. Just okay.
    Finnegan - 7/10. Nice, but I prefer Finn by itself.
    Fletcher - 7.5/10. Has grown on me.
    Gulliver - 8.5/10. Ridiculously cool but not too wearable.
    Marlowe - 8/10. Love it on a boy!
    Oscar - 8/10. Pleasant and fun.
    Stanley - 5.5/10. A bit dated.
    Theodore - 8/10. Classic and likable; plus it has the nn Theo.
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    Belphoebe- 6/10 (Phoebe would be a 9)
    Cosima- 5/10 (It's just not too pleasant sounding for me)
    Sybella 8/10 (I prefer Isobel)
    Ailsa- 4/10 (It's a bit dated for me)
    Celia- 5/10 (I'm meh about this name)

    Prosper- 3/10 (sorry I just don't like it and it sounds awful in my accent)
    Finn- 7/10 (I prefer Flynn but love Finnian for the nickname Finn)
    August- 3/10 (It's a berry favourite but I don't really like it)
    Malcolm- 2/10 (It's very dated in Australia and I see it as a middle aged name)
    Zephyr- 4/10 (I like the Z beginning but not one else)

    Sorry Gwen that I was so harsh, we just have very different tastes I feel like a total bitch now
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