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    Jun 2013
    Damian Stone: Damian was the only name both agreed on and Stone after Stonewall Jackson love this combo
    Emily Brooke: a girl got baptised when I was still "cooking" so got named after her I love Brooke but hate Emily like Hitler hated Jews
    Mother of little boys Evan Isaac Esau and Gunner Ace

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    My name is Brandon and my sisters name is Sarah. We both love our names, and I think they work well together

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    Apr 2013
    I'm Alexandra Nicole, and my brother is Kyle Austin.

    I don't think our names go together much at all. The only one I like is Alexandra - The rest are quite trendy.
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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    Austyn Rayne (18) -- Me! Austyn was just a name my mom really liked, she heard of it on a soap opera that she watched. They spelt it with a y to make it more feminine. Rayne was just a name both of my parents agreed on. They spelt it that way because my moms cousin's (who is like a sister to her) middle name is Jayne, so they wanted to spell it like that.

    Cole Michael (11) -- Cole was just a name my mom really liked, and Michael is my brother's fathers middle name.

    Brett Alan (9) -- Brett was a named my mom really liked, Alan is my grandfather's name.

    Delilah CarrieLynn (6) -- Delilah was technically named after the song "Hey There Delilah", my mom fell in love with the name because of that song. (so did I and I wanted to name my future daughter Delilah, but my mom stole it from me.) Carrie is my mother's sisters name, and Lynn is my grandmothers name.
    Kohen / Blake / Madden / Dale / Jonah / Reid / Camden / Matthew / Shayden

    Harriet "Hattie" / Josephine "Josie" / Charlotte "Lottie" / Juliette "Jett" /
    Theodore "Theo" / Nathaniel "Nate" / Lawrence "Lance" / Kenneth "Kenny"

    Shelby / Elena / Lakelyn / Ashtyn / Audra / Ada / Kennedy / Claire / Hazel

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    dannilynnalexis Guest
    I already posted mine, so here are my husband and his siblings.

    Anthony James (Hubby)
    Ava Joy (7 years younger)
    Adrianna Jane (9 years younger)
    Alecia Josephine (16 years younger)

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