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    Double Prams for 2 under 2

    When baby gets here, we're going to definitely need a double pram but we're not sure where to start.

    Our friend recommended the Bugaboo (donkey?), but I'm not sure that we want to spend that much. Another friend has one of those Phil & Teds that can be used as a double and a single but she has very little basket space underneath and I'm not sure that is ideal for us, but it might have to be a sacrifice we have to make.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Are you talking about double strollers? We love the Maclaren techno twin. It's a side by side so kind of wide but it's always fit through every door that I needed to get through if I angle it right. The seats recline separately and there is plenty of storage underneath. Mine are just over two years apart. I'm not sure if you'll be comfortable using it with a newborn. We only got it when our youngest was older. However we have a single Maclaren that we just recline the seat and use the headrest similar to what goes into the car seat to support their head.
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    We had the Graco DuoGlider, which is not exactly the Cadillac of double strollers. It's certainly affordable, folds up very easily, and gets the job done, though. Would definitely buy it again if I needed to.
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    Thanks to you both! I'll look into the ones that you've mentioned!
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    I'm drooling over the STOKKE brand right now, they are so versatile for one or two children. Not cheap, but so sleek and pretty.

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