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    What would you name our next kids?

    So far we have Azula Rosemary & Indira Coral. Go nuts, we will probably have 2 more children - I'm excited to see what you come up with!

    I am hoping to find some names to add to my list but I would really like to know what YOU would choose.

    Edit: My most up to date lists are on NB. Here is my boys' list & here is the girls!
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    Azula Rosemary
    Indira Coral
    & Osiris Mercury James

    Freyja Moon / Athena Juniper / Elowen Ruby

    Atlas Cedar Jade / Fox Hawthorne Charles

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    Hmm, I'm not sure how well these fit, but I've come up with...

    Serenity April
    Zinnia Laurel

    Eamon Hart
    Merritt Clark
    Bryony | 21 | Australia | TTC 2018

    our realistic choices...
    dorothy cordelia clementine - henry - harriet florence antigone - atticus - flora imogen hermione - percy - guinevere rebecca alice - oliver

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    My little man O.P. arrived June 2015
    My sweet baby girl A.V. arrived June 2017
    Maeve Noelle-Violet Anneliese-Arianne Lily-Zoe Annabel-Gwen Emilia-Elena Odette-Caroline Mae-Ella Paige-Eve-Maren-Sophie-Rose-Nora

    Finn Jameson-Jack Emerson-Emmett Parker-Miles Alden-Henry Dean-Archer Daniel-Rhys Everett-Brennan Oliver-Cody James-Harrison Fox

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    I love your names! So pretty

    For two more girls, I would pick:
    Esmeralda Pearl-Esmeralda is a colour name, that I feel fits beautifully with Azula. It also ends with a vowel, and has a classic vintage/gypsy feel that fits in with Azula and Indira. Pearl is old timey, but still spunky. It goes well with Coral and Rosemary.

    Cordelia Lavender-Again, I feel both names abide by the same basic standards of your daughters' names. Cordelia ends with the 'a', and means "jewel of the sea" (coral is sort of a sea gem). Lavender is a type of plant used for food and medicinal purposes, the same as rosemary.

    For boys, it was a bit harder to come up with names, but here are two I decided on:
    Orion Sage-Orion means "dawning". I think it fits well with your girls' names. Sage is a type of plant, and it goes well with Rosemary and Coral.

    Atlas Jasper-Atlas is known, but not used and is of the same type of style as Indira and Azula. Jasper is sleek and vintage, fitting nicely with Coral and Rosemary.

    Other contenders:
    Esperenza Orianne
    Francesca Ruby
    Georgiana Violet
    Helena Opal
    Zaina Ivy
    Charles Aspen
    Marcus Wolfgang
    Heathcliff Onyx
    Arthur Bear
    Zane Rowan
    Anthony Sparrow
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