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    Middle name help for Josephine/Josie... due in 3 days

    My husband and I have polar opposite styles in names.

    He's pulling for autumn or arielle

    I like Marlowe, Maeve, Evaline, or Estella

    But! we finally came across a name we both like... Josie. After his deceased grandfather. Our older daughter is named after my grandparents, so it would be nice to incorporate his side in this babies name. He wants the more formal Josephine. I like Joselyn or just Josie.

    I'm looking for middle name suggestions for both Jospehine and Josie

    Big Sister is Annslee Belle... and surname in Quinn.

    Thanks in advance

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    Love Josephine with Josie as the nickname. I think Josephine Arielle sounds beautiful and so does Josie Arielle. Josephine Maeve is cute too.

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    Great choice! Josephine is lovely!! Perhaps Evangelina is a good mn compromise? (first syllable 'E', then the more romantic 'Angelina')

    Or Josephine Cosette, Yvette, Samara, Adele, Mireille (Mee-RAY)
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    I would definitely choose Josephine with the nn Josie.

    I would not choose Evaline nor Arielle because of pronunciation ambiguity; people will vary a lot on how they sound. All the others are really nice but to me Autumn flows the best in the whole name, Josephine Autumn Quinn

    Other mn suggestions
    * My name is Adelaide. I love to play with names.*
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    Josephine is beautiful. It also sounds good with your surname. How about...

    Josephine Elle (a little more classy than Arielle IMO but with a similar sound)
    Josephine Marie (two syllable name has the best flow-a lot like Marlow but keeping with the French theme)
    Josephine Elise (ditto)
    Josephine Claire (because, hey, I like Claire)

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