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    Finally pregnant!

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    Due March 2015!

    Favorite names to come.

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    I LOVE Priscilla.

    I've never heard Sunniva, but I love the nn Sunny, so that's cute. Augustus & Larkin are my favorite boy names.

    Favorite Combo: Larkin Charles or Sunniva Alexandrine

    Priscilla Anneliese: I think you're on a good track because the two names have similar letters but isn't a tongue twister. But I think it's too long. And personally, I don't love Anneliese.

    Ondine Alice: I've never heard the name Ondine, and am a little iffy about it. But the mn Alice, classically feminine, balances it very well.

    Sunniva Alexandrine: I love this. I don't think it's too long, for some reason. I'd also suggest Sunniva Aurelia (I personally love the idea of 'Rae of Sunshine,' and like the name Aurelia Sunday)

    Severine Oliana: I like the middle, not the first. Oliana is very pretty and soft enough to balance Severine though.

    Magnus Alexander: I'd switch it, because I like the nn Xander, but it's so strong sounding, it's nice.

    Augustus Dean: Love.

    Larkin Charles: Love.

    Prosper Clarence: Personally I don't feel for Prosper. The combo is nice.

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    It is a great list. I stumbled a bit reading Sunniva- my first thought was the school, SUNY, but if you are not from around New York state that wouldn't be an issue. Love Severine. I had a great uncle Serverino who always went by Serene. And Prosper is possible my current #1 name!

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    Congratulations! yes! Life is such a miracle. I didn't tell anyone for a few days after I found out with my 1st because it didn't seem real it couldn't be because that's just too awesome... So happy for you!!!
    Let's take a look at these lists
    If you have a girl (or twin girls? )you're thinking...
    Priscilla Anneliese
    Ondine Alice
    Your top two are my favorites first and middle I think are lovely names and the first are uncommon Ondine or Odine even, very pretty names and together would even be perfect twin names . I would go with Your top name for one girl.
    Sunniva Alexandrine
    Severine Oliana
    These two I like less. I think none of these are my style really. They've very bold which is good but perhaps too heavy for a child

    If you have a boy or 2 ...
    Magnus Alexander
    Augustus Dean
    Larkin Charles
    Prosper Clarence

    I would switch these around ...
    Prosper Charles
    Larkin Clarence
    These two like this I like best in this order. I think prosper is a wonderful name. I know a lark and its a great name... I think prosper and both for twins or b/g twins both top picks
    Augustus Dean I like but its very big Dean helps soften it a bit which is nice
    Magnus Alexander or
    Magnus Clark? This could make it lighter? Its a very 'manly'? Name ... Makes me think of a strong man or a weight lifter. Not my style but not bad either..
    All in all I think you've got a great list Amd will certainly have no trouble nZming your baby !!!

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    Thanks everyone! I'll take your opinions into consideration! This is all very exciting
    Due March 2015!

    Favorite names to come.

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