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    I prefer Daphne. Delphine is a nice name, but Amelia and Daphne make a better sibset in my opinion.
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    This is one of the toughest nameberry questions that has been posed.

    Daphne is more recognizable. Daphne and Amelia make a slightly better sibset. It's such a cute and spunky name. But Daphne is a bit.. well.. daffy. Maybe it's the Scooby Doo thing. Maybe it's Daffy Duck. Whatever the reason, I see what the poster who had a doctor friend named Daphne means... it's just not an MD's name.

    Delphine has a much softer sound that has a lot to offer. It reminds me of Delphiniums which is a beautiful blue/purple flower. Such a pretty name that is unique but easy to pronounce and the spelling is intuitive for English speakers.

    I think this one is going to come down to which sounds better with the surname. let us know which one you choose.

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    Choose Daphne if spunk is more important to you.

    Choose Delphine if elegance is more important to you.

    I love both!
    "Close your eyes and think about it.

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    Delphine reminds me of dolphins too...not a really a bad thing IMO but it does. Isn't that the meaning of Delphine?
    Daphne is beautiful! I think of flowers I vote daphne!

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    My vote goes to Daphne, I love the name a lot. I think Amelia and Daphne is a pretty sibset.

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