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    Need a flower middle name for Aurora

    So we decided on a name for our 2nd daughter - Aurora. We originally came up with Aurora Isabelle but I decided that I wanted to try to stick with a flower/plant theme middle name. Our first daughters name is Lyra Juniper.

    Any suggestions on a middle name we can use thats a flower/plant?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Lyra Juniper is a very sweet name and I love Aurora as a sister to her.

    Aurora Jasmine
    Aurora Lily
    Aurora Violet
    Aurora Iris
    Aurora Ivy
    Aurora Hazel
    Aurora Daisy
    Aurora Holly
    Aurora Lilac
    Aurora Jessamine
    Aurora Marigold
    Aurora Plum
    Aurora Primrose
    Aurora Poppy
    Aurora Sage
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    I love Aurora Sage and Aurora Daisy from the previous suggestions
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