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    So many pretty names, I love your style

    Cecilia & Eleanor
    Violet & Rosalie - Floral theme but not obnoxious
    Ava & Josephine
    Eleanor & Audrey
    Rosalie & Cecilia
    Josephine & Eleanor

    I'm not a fan of Rosalie and Audrey or Cecilia and Ava because they share the same ending. I think Josephine and Ava are the hardest to pair off of your list as I think all of the others mix very well.
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    Violet & Rosalie are my favorite!
    Josephine & Eleanor match very well too, they're just not really my taste (although Josie and Nora are sweet nicknames).

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    I love Eleanor & Josephine together! They are both elegant and lovely, plus they both come with plenty of cute nns if you wish. My second favorite would be Violet & Audrey, they both have such Old Hollywood glamour about them.

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    I really love Rosalie and Cecilia together... which is interesting because I usually don't like either very much. I like that they share a sound in the middle rather than at the beginning or end, which is more common for twins. They both have the same feel as well. Runner-up IMO is Josephine and Eleanor. Jo and Nell would be a cute pair indeed.
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    Congratulations! I'd go with Ava Violetta and Cecile Josephine. Best wishes!

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