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Thread: Twin Girls!!!

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    Exclamation Twin Girls!!!

    Hey, it's ninas1 again!
    This time I'm looking for two twin girls names.
    The book I'm writing is kind of in the style of Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan, except it's just written by me and instead of the two characters having the same name, they're long lost twins. I'm working on names at the moment. They're identical twins, both with sandy blonde hair, freckles and brown eyes. Only one of them realizes they have a twin. I would like names that "go together", but no hippie names like Rain and Cloud. Alliteration would be nice. Here are personality descriptions:

    Twin #1:
    Grew up in a nice house with overall nice parents.
    Belongs to the 'popular' group at school until she's kicked out for standing up for a bullied student.
    Is a cheerleader.
    Wears all the latest fashions.
    Doesn't know she has a twin.
    Long, wavy hair.

    Twin #2
    Grew up in foster homes.
    Is used to being bullied.
    Is an artist.
    Wears clothes from the thrift store.
    Knows she has a twin.
    Shoulder-length hair.

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    Julia and Jade

    Elena and Everly

    Gemma and Gina

    Anya and Amy

    Arianna and Alessa

    Taylor and Katrina 'Trina'

    Nicola and Naomi

    Paulina and Philippa

    My advice is that, I'm assuming the birth mother, not the adoptive parents named them, since they have the same first initial, so remember that the birth mother would have used the same style when picking both names.

    For example, my suggestion of Gemma and Gina isn't such a good one, because Gemma is so British styled, while Gina is much less popular now adays and is more 'American' in my opinion.

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    Alice, Blair, Blythe, Claire, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Fleur, Grace, Isobel, Madeline, Rosamund

    Elliott, Elroy, Everett, Ezra, Henry, James, Malachi, Nathaniel, Theodore

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    I list the first one first.

    Mira and Amiel
    Flora and Willow
    Mia and Elia
    Gabrielle and Gemma
    Isabelle and Ila
    Fleur and Fern
    Remi and Renée

    I hope these help!

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    I agree that it would make a difference to know who named the twins.

    Elizabeth and Emma
    Amelia and Alexandra (Alex)
    Sophia and Samantha
    Grace and Georgia
    Lucy and Leah
    Noelle and Natalie
    Willa and Wren
    Isabella and India
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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