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    1. Lana (because it's Lana del Rey and can't picture anyone else)
    2. Evelyn
    3. Michael
    4. Soren
    5. Amanda
    6. Ezra and baby Billie
    7. Isla or Viola and Diesel the cat
    8. Millie Wren or Ming
    9. Calla or Lauren
    10. Matteo and lady legs would be Nicole
    11. Betty or Katrina
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    1.) Minnie Jean Pearl (IDK, it just popped into my head), Winnie.

    2.) Hero, Novella, Dune, Artemis, Artio or Frost. Something unusual and otherworldly, yet still earthy.

    3.) Adlai Finch. He reminds me of Gregory Peck. I don't even know why, and Gregory Peck is Atticus Finch to me.

    4.) Marcela, Ophira or Helena. Something mature, serious and studious, but still exotic.

    5.) Kitty, Ferelith or Elspeth. She looks exactly, and I mean exactly like a character (Kitty) in the story I am writing. It is actually a bit creepy. But I think Ferelith or Elspeth suit this particular shot better.

    6.) Inigo, Santa, Viggo, Silas, Stellan, Bjorn, Roland or Roark for the man, and Elke, Mattie or Emme for the baby. He looks exactly how I picture Roland Deschain or Howard Roark.

    7.) Capi, Sol, Noon, Dune, Sparrow, Dove, Raffy, Pilar or Marine and Mishka for the cat.

    8.) Asta, Yuki, Poe, Miko or Sen.

    9.) She actually looks a lot like one of my cousins (from what I can tell): Eleni (eh-leh-nee). Margo, Alma, Diana, Rowena, Rosemary or Edwige would also fit: serious, grounding her ethereal looks the way the black and white photograph does.

    10.) Cosmo, Ulysses, Galileo or Odysseus.

    11.) Madrigal, Zillou, Gala, Una. She also looks creepily like a character of mine: Gala Zillou, a nomad princess. Her sister, the queen, is Madrigal Zillou. There is a third sister, Dri Zillou, but she doesn't fit that picture.

    I really enjoyed doing that: you should make some more when you have time.
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    @solace, haha, yes it is Lana; I didn't think anyone would be able to tell It's one of my favourite pictures of her.

    @nooshi, #5 is actually a picture of identical twins (they're Icelandic with very Icelandic names; I won't give them away just yet) by Ariko Inaoka who is doing an on-going photography project about them. The images are just gorgeous - funny though, you're the second person to say Elspeth. Ferelith totally matches too.
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    1. Samantha/"Sam" in character as "Annabelle"
    2. Zasie
    3. Lucas (sitting) and Taylor (lying)
    4. Sarah
    5. Freja
    6. Alejandro and Emiliana
    7. Rainier/"Rainey"
    8. Xiu
    9. Carolina/"Lena"
    10. Isaak
    11. Soledad

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