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    Love the name, but worried about popularity...

    Me and my husband (okay mostly me) has been looking at names long before we decided to TTC and one of the only boy names that we instsantly agreed on (and both loved) was Gabriel...of course this was after telling my husband No about naming a son after him, but I did agree that the middle name could be after his middle. So Gabriel Matthew it is. I really do love the name and it's set in stone if we are having a boy...but I'm not a huge fan of 'common' names. According to the SSA there has been less then 1,000 babies born in my state in 2013 and was number 13...but I live in a state with 19 million people so that number is pretty small, but I'm not sure how correct the SSA is (I would assume it's pretty accurate). I don't know any Gabriel's personally and never encountered any in my school life (that I remember)

    Do you think there would be a lot of Gabriels in a future classroom? How about those people who have kids in preschool, any Gabriels?

    If it helps I live in Florida.

    I know that it doesn't matter and that I'm sticking with Gabriel no matter what (My husband won't budge on it and I've become too attached to the name anyway) just curious.

    Susan <3
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    I know one Gabriel (but I am in Australia, so I don't know how valid that is). He is my cousin, and the rest of the family have fairly uncommon names. I know a lot of kids too (friends of my sister, relatives, kids that come into my work or I know somehow). Worst case scenario, there might be two Gabriel's in the classroom, but I don't think it will ever reach the popularity of say, Samuel or Joshua (although those might not be the best examples. But there were 6-7 Joshua's when I was in year 11 and 12).
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    My brother's name is Gabriel, though he goes by Gabe and he's always known at least 2 Gabriels. He's 13 now.

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    I've never met a Gabriel, young or old!

    I love the combination of Gabriel Matthew; very handsome!
    Lee X

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    I don't think Gabriel is too popular -- I think it's a little feminine. I saw that you have the name November Rain in your signature... Are you a fan of Guns N' Roses?

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