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Thread: Badger

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    It definitely holds a negative connotation for me. "Quit badgering me!" Is a phrase I hear and use. It is essentially "stop annoying or pestering me". Also, my dad refers to some actions as "badgery" which is not a good thing. Eating food off the floor would be "badgery".
    Also, other than the honey badger, I don't see badgers as tough or noble creatures, like bears or wolves or foxes.
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    Haha, um. If I met anyone named Badger, I'd probably laugh and ask them if that was their real name. So unless you want to force him into a lifetime of that interaction, I'd give a big, fat NO.

    My uncle calls me Badger, but it's only because I love Harry Potter and I'm a Hufflepuff, and the house symbol for Hufflepuff is a badger. So it's a nickname. But if that were my real name - or ANYONE'S real name - I'd probably just shake my head in shame.

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    I think this is an adorable nickname for either gender. The adorable factor is mainly why I don't see it working as well as Fox or Wolf as a fn.
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    I agree. Trying too hard to to be cool. As are Wolf and Bear.

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    See--I don't really understand why Berries don't think Badger works.

    My grandpa, whose name was John Moroni, went by Cougar for his whole adult life and it just suited him so I have some little second cousins named Cougar and it works. My little brother is naming his first boy Puma (which I don't like, but his whole style is different from mine) because that was what his football team called him and he likes it, so whatever.

    I guess I just don't understand why some animal names--Wolf, Bear, Fox--can be okay while others aren't? What is the litmus test for animal names?

    Then again, my hubby keeps calling our unborn one Baby Aardvark to make fun of me. It makes me giggle every time. Even I agree that Aardvark would be a hard name to carry off and I'm pretty broad minded when it comes to names.

    PS I really don't like the names Bear or Fox, but my sister calls her little boy Wyatt, Wolfie, and that is adorable--especially as we come from German stock and have lots of relatives named Wolfgang.

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