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    Names with meaning

    Any suggestions on girl names that have Christian meaning? (God's gift, God is faithful, etc) ? We have some names that we like, Madison, Adaline, Hensley...but I am curious about some names with Christian meanings. When I google it I come up with Hebrew names, but I would like to see the english versions. Thanks!!

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    Elizabeth- god is my oath.
    Jane- gift from god
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    Hmm... I don't know if these will be totally in line with your style, but you might like:

    Theodora, Dorothea, Dorothy ''God's gift''

    Elizabeth, Isabelle, Isabella, Eliza, Elsa, Elise, Lisette (anything deriving from the name Elizabeth, there must be hundreds of variants) ''God is my oath, pledged to God''

    Amadea ''God's beloved'' - said ah-mah-DAY-uh

    Aleah ''God's being''

    Adalia ''noble one''

    Jane ''God's gracious gift''

    Gabriella, Gabrielle, Briella ''God is my strength''

    Mattea ''gift of God'' - said ma-TAY-ah

    Dinah ''God will judge''

    Abigail ''my Father is joy''

    Jaden, Jadon ''God has heard''

    Johanna, Joanna ''God is gracious''

    Michaela, Mikayla ''who is like God''

    Samantha ''told by God''

    Rebecca ''servant of God''

    Ronia ''God's joyfull song''

    Nasia ''God's miracle''

    Joelle ''the Lord is God''

    Phoebe ''pure''
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    I am actually thinking about Analise now...It hadn't crossed my mind recently, but it was my #1 pick in my first pregnancy. It means devoted to God.

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