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    Evangeline Clare - pretty, prefer Claire to Clare
    Eliana Violet - which pronunciation? I like the Italian.
    Nora Kay - tepid.
    Neve Elisabeth - equivalents NMS.
    Madeleine Iris (LINE ending) - French spelling, prefer French pronunciation.
    Maia Juliette - OK.
    Emery Catherine - NMS.
    Scarlet Renee - NMS.
    Hazel Grace - Love Hazel, Grace not so much.
    Sienna Hermione Rose - OK.
    Daniella Maree - Like Mary? Or Marie?
    Beatrix Helena - My fav.
    Elisabeth Madeline - Too lengthy/bouncy for my taste.
    Caroline Anneliese - Lovely.
    Aviana Rose - Aviana? Source? I think of birds.
    Cleo Helena - short forms NMS.
    Maeve Elisabeth - sounds ok, but Irish equivalents again, NMS.
    Juliet Elaine - Pretty.
    Bree Juliette - not a fan of Bree.
    Linnea Jane - a little rhyme-y.
    Arabella Wren - trying too hard.
    Casey Erika - love Erika, not Casey.
    Seraphina Juliette - prefer French first with French middle.
    Keira Elisabeth - meh, NMS but it works.

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    Evangeline Clare- I love Evangeline (with the 'leen' ending), and it sounds pretty nice when paired with Clare, but the plain 'Clare' spelling doesn't appeal as much as Claire to me, and i think it works better with Evangeline.

    Eliana Violet- I don't much care for Eliana, and the flow is slightly off- I can tell exactly what it is but perhaps Eliana Violette would be better?

    Nora Kay- It's kind of short and simple. I'd pick a longer middle for Nora, like Nora Elizabeth or Nora Magdalene.

    Neve Elisabeth- This would be pretty if it was the original spelling (Niamh). I just adore that spelling and can't stand to see it differed.

    Madeleine Iris- I prefer Madeleine spelled Madelyn with the 'lyn' ending, but this combo is OK.

    Maia Juliette- This one's pretty, but extremely feminine.

    Emery Catherine- The styles of the names are very different. Emery is a modern, unisex name, whereas Catherine is very feminine and classic. Perhaps Emilia Catherine?

    Scarlet Renee- Neither of these names really suit my taste.

    Hazel Grace- This is very pretty, but slightly plain, and also the exact name of Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars... I don't know whether or not that was intended.

    Sienna Hermione Rose- Sienna and Hermione don't go together terribly well. Perhaps Sienna Rose Hermione would be better? I do like each name individually, though.

    Daniella Maree- No matter the pronunciation, I would much prefer the original spelling. Daniella Marie is lovely.

    Beatrix Helena- Helen-uh or Ha-LAY-nuh or uh-LAY-na? I really like Beatriz uh-LAY-nuh.

    Elisabeth Madeline- Pretty, but a bit drawn-out.

    Caroline Anneliese- One of my favourites. Very pretty and classic.

    Aviana Rose- Avianna Poet is on my own personal list

    Cleo Helena- I really dislike this one. (Sorry!)

    Maeve Elisabeth- This is beautiful! Truly lovely.

    Juliet Elaine- I feel like there are too many 'e's in this.

    Bree Juliette- Similar complaint to the one above, but the flow is better here.

    Linnea Jane- Very nice. I love hearing Jane, in the middle or as a first.

    Arabella Wren- This doesn't really do the trick.

    Casey Erika- Eh. It's just kind of... meh.

    Seraphina Juliette- Very pretty, sophisticated, and feminine.

    Keira Elisabeth- Nice, but not amazing.

    My favorites are Caroline Anneliese, Aviana Rose, Maeve Elisabeth and Seraphina Juliette. I would nix Nora Kay, Scarlet Renee, and Cleo Helena. Overall, a really nice list! You have great taste, and with some minor tweaks, your list will be perfect.
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    Evangeline Clare- Love! I love simple middle names with Evangeline
    Eliana Violet- Eliana is definitely growing on me. I like it
    Nora Kay- I like Nora, but I don't like Kay. Nora Katherine is beautiful.
    Neve Elisabeth- Not crazy about Neve. Love Elizabeth as a middle
    Madeleine Iris (LINE ending)- The long "I" is too heavy. I prefer the LANE ending next to Iris
    Maia Juliette- Beautiful! I love this.
    Emery Catherine- I love Emery on a girl! Goes very well with Catherine
    Scarlet Renee- I want to love Scarlet, but I can't get past "Scar". The combos flows nicely.
    Hazel Grace- Never been a fan of Hazel. Combo flows nicely
    Sienna Hermione Rose- Combo flows well, but I don't care for Hermione. I like the simplicity of Sienna Rose (despite them both being color names)
    Daniella Maree- Love Daniella! Prefer Marie in the middle.
    Beatrix Helena- Flow is great, but I do not care for either name
    Elisabeth Madeline- Pretty! Love both names. Madeline Elizabeth is great as well.
    Caroline Anneliese- A bit of a mouth full, but still pretty. I have Clara Anneliese on my list
    Aviana Rose- Aviana makes me think of airplanes for some reason. lol. I still like it. Avia Rose is pretty too.
    Cleo Helena- I like Cleo, but other people think it sounds like a TV pet psychic. lol
    Maeve Elisabeth- Flows well, but I don't like Maeve.
    Juliet Elaine- LOVE! Favorite from the list!
    Bree Juliette- Bree is too nickname-y to me.
    Linnea Jane- Cute!!! I recently added Linnea to my list. I love it.
    Arabella Wren- This one is hard for me to say with the heavy "R" sound.
    Casey Erika- Both names are a little dated, plus the flow is a little off. I like Casey more on a boy.
    Seraphina Juliette- Seraphina is a GP name for me. I like it paired with Juliette.
    Keira Elisabeth- Super cute!
    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

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    Evangeline Clare: Love! It's adorable. I love Evangeline, and it flows well with Clare. Prefer the spelling Claire, though.

    Eliana Violet: I really like this, actually! Flows and ages exceptionally well.

    Nora Kay: It's cute, but doesn't age well. What about Eleanor Kay? And nickname her Nora?

    Neve Elisabeth: Love it! Very nice. I think there is a different way to spell Neve, but gosh it's adorable. Nice flow, ages well

    Madeleine Iris: Nice. Not a fan of Iris, sorry, but it does work well together!

    Maia Juliette: How are you planning on pronouncing Maia? Either way, it's a nice name. Don't like the spelling of Juliet - it just seems a lot of unnecessary fluff for something you don't really need.

    Emery Catherine: Emery is rather masculine, but Catherine is adorable! Does flow well though.

    Scarlet Renee: Not a fan of Scarlet for personal reasons, so I'm not going to give my opinion on this because I'm biased.

    Hazel Grace: Love it, BUT. There's a new movie coming out, based on a book, where the main character's name is Hazel Grace. The Fault in Our Stars? It's not a bad association, but just thought I'd point it out.

    Sienna Hermione Rose: I don't really think it really flows. Sienna Rose works. Hermione Rose. Sienna Hermione. They all flow. But not together.

    Daniella Maree: Adorable! Very safe, though. But if that's your thing, then that's okay.

    Beatrix Helena: Not a fan of either name, sorry!

    Elisabeth Madeline: Like Daniella Maree, adorable but safe. But if that's your thing, then that's okay.

    Caroline Anneliese: Love both names individually, but not so much together. Same syllable count, with the L sound in the same place. It's okay, but a bit of a mouthful

    Aviana Rose: Love it! Adorable!

    Cleo Helena: Not a fan of either name, sorry!

    Maeve Elisabeth: Love it! Nice flow, ages well.

    Juliet Elaine: Love it!

    Bree Juliette: Don't like the spelling of Juliet - it just seems a lot of unnecessary fluff for something you don't really need. And I've always thought of Bree as a nickname for Gabrielle or likewise. SO not a fan, sorry!

    Linnea Jane: Nit a fan of Linnea, sorry. Jane is nice, though

    Arabella Wren: Love it! Perfect flow of two great names.

    Casey Erika: Love Casey, not a fan of it's match with Erika, sorry!

    Seraphina Juliette: Don't like the spelling of Juliet - it just seems a lot of unnecessary fluff for something you don't really need. And the combo of Seraphina and Juliette sounds rather... pretentious isn't the right word. Over flowery, OTT.

    Keira Elisabeth: Not a fan of Kiera for personal reasons, so I'm not going to give my opinion on this because I'm biased.

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