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    What do you think?

    I'm currently pregnant with my first and I'm (naturally) thinking about baby names. We learned earlier this week that the little one looks very much like a boy, so I've begun looking for names with this in mind.

    We know we want to use one Japanese name and one name commonly used in the U.S., as my husband is half-Japanese...and we live in the U.S. The little one will be 3/4 caucasian American and 1/4 Japanese with a common American surname. Given his surname, and that he will only be 1/4 Japanese, we can't decide whether or not his Japanese name should go in the first name or middle name position. I would really like to use it in the first name position, but my husband thinks it may cause more harm than good, and he doesn't feel slighted by it in the middle slot.

    Right now we're considering Souta and Kenta as possible Japanese names, as well as Kita (a variation of my husband's mother's maiden name).

    We currently like Everett and Theodore. We considered Sebastian, Tobias, and Dominic but decided against them for various reasons.

    What do you think of our name choices? Do you have any other suggestions for Japanese names that could work in the U.S. (We considered Hiro, but my husband wants a name with more limited kanji options; I like Ren, but it's so similar to my own name that it's basically the same)? Any ideas for names similar to the English names we're considering? Are Souta and Kenta usable in the first name spot? Thank you.

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    This sounds like a lovely idea. I love all your American names. I don't know anything about Japanese names, but I love that Kita has a special meaning to you. I'm also not sure about pronunciation of the Japanese names -- do they sound like they look? If so, I think they all sound good with both Everett and Theodore, but I would definitely do the Japanese name in the middle. I understand wanting it to be the first, but since your husband doesn't mind it in the middle and the middle, to me, is where the special meaning family names go.

    That's not really helpful, but it's hard to tell which would fit best unless I know what your last name sounds like. Everett Souta, Everett Kenta, Everett Kita, Theodore Souta, Theodore Kenta, Theodore Kita all sound good to me.

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    I don't know many Japanese names, but I do love Everett and Theodore as the English names. I could see Kenta working as a first name, but Kita makes me think of Hello Kitty, and Souta I'm not sure how to pronounce. I think a Japanese name could work as a first name, if you searched for one that fits well into both languages. This does take a lot of time and effort, though. DH and I decided to use the Persian name as the middle, and an Italian name as a first. The Italian is a tribute to my heritage, and the Persian to his. Plus, the child will already have his last name (which is oddly Arabic). For us, we were a bit worried about discrimination (not just from Americans, but even possibly from Iranian-Americans). We're not really sure whether our kid will look Iranian, or how well she'll speak Farsi... so we felt that for us in our situation, it was best in the middle. However, I don't think there's one rule that fits everyone... it's something you need to dedicate a lot of thought and discussion to.
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    If I were you, I would use an English name as a first name and a Japanese name in the middle spot. Everett and Theodore are both fine names. However, I think Theodore flows better with Souta, Kenta and Kita so I vote for that option.
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    If it helps, I have a few friends who are Chinese who are married to Americans. Each couple gave their children English first names and Chinese middle names because it flowed better. Theodore is a wonderful name, and goes well with each of the possible middles you've chosen.


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