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    New Kittehs and Old Kittehs

    My cousin and aunt's cat Tuffy recently gave birth to three girls and one boy. My cousin is really liking Thor and named the little boy after him. He is so stinking cute. And to follow the T theme, the other kittens were named Thelma, Tula, and Taffodil "Taffy" according to their personality. Taffy's name is so close to her mother's because she acts so much like her. Thelma is the sweetest and Tula is the rambunctious little fart of the group.

    Their other cats include:
    Wallace, who gets called Wargus
    Robert Biscuit, who is called Meanie
    Lucille Crumpet, Lucy and her daughters: Liza "Tuffy" (the mom of the four new babies) and Wookie
    Chewbacca, Chewie
    Boo and her daughters: Charlie and Dooma
    Claude, who is 17 and the oldest of them all

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