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    WDYT of Dougall?

    Okay, just a quick question: what do you think of Dougall / Dougal? Any combo ideas, etc? I love pretty quirky names, so throw anything at me in terms of combos. Thanks Berries.

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    I personally would not choose Dougall. It is spunky, fun, and unexpected. It has the nicknames of the more familiar Doug and the sweet Dougie (not sure what the best spelling of doug-ee would be).

    Dougal Cormac
    Dougal Hamish
    Dougal Macauley
    Dougal Ewan
    Dougal Tavish
    Dougal Felix
    Dougal Alastair
    Dougal Steffan
    Dougal Garrett
    Dougal Eamon
    Dougal Ronan
    Dougal Rohan
    Dougal Blair
    Dougal Finian

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    Thank you so much @lovemysweeties. I really like some of your suggestions.
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    I was thinking:
    Dougal Bear
    Dougal Otto
    Dougal Moe
    Dougal Lemuel
    Dougal Felix (thanks @ilovemysweeties!)
    Dougal Abner
    Dougal Aslan

    Any thoughts on these combos, Berries? Also, which spelling is better : Dougal or Dougall?

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    In the UK, I think Dougal would be out because of the Magic Roundabout reference and the intellectually challenged priest on Father Ted. However, if you're not from the UK, you probably don't know what those programmes are.

    It's kind of a cute, almost silly, name to me. Something about the "oogle" sound just doesn't seem entirely serious, like it's a funny nickname or something, too much like the word doodle. Of course I know it is actually a traditional name with a long history, but it doesn't have the gravity of Douglas, for example, or even Donal. I would cross Dougal Bear right out, sounds like a kids' TV character. Dougal Lemuel is too matchy. You need something really solid and grown-up to go with Dougal, in my opinion. Dougal Felix and Dougal Abner work the best from your list.

    Dougal Alexander
    Dougal Alistair
    Dougal Francis
    Dougal Nicholas
    Dougal Scott
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