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    How would you pronounce this

    My best friend has chosen Vieve for her baby girl's name, which she wants pronounced like the French ending of Genevieve.
    So it will be said Vee - ev. She is considering using the grave (Viève) but feels that might be a bit pretentious as she is not French.

    I have been looking on nameberry for posts about this name - most see it as a nickname for Genevieve, and describe the pronunciation as Veeve.

    How many of you would intuitively use the French pronunciation? If you wouldn't can you suggest a spelling alternative which would more likely get the desired outcome.

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    Automatically, I would say veev. I would definitely use the grave. I don't know why, but Viev automatically makes me think it is pronounced vee-ev.

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    flybella Guest
    I did think Veev automatically. I don't really think anyone knows that Genevieve is pronounced differently in France unless they're huge Rush Hour 3 fans... Genevieve is so much better with that pronunciation though. But in America? It would never happen.

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    I pronounced it {vee-ehv} at first; being a fan of Genevieve, that may just be from my knowledge of the name. I do prefer it with the spelling Viève; not only because I think it's prettier, but it might make people think twice before saying {veev}. It's not all that bad; at the moment I'm equating it with given names Charlie, Jen, Kate, Tom and so on. Only slightly harder to pronounce : )
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    I speak French and recognized Vieve as the ending of Geneviève, but still wouldn't pronounce it that way. Vieve isn't short for Geneviève, it's a hotel in the Philippines. If she lives in the U.S., she won't be able to use the grave for legal purposes anyway, which is required to achieve your friend's desired pronunciation.

    The word she has chosen rhymes with sieve, though most everyone here will say VEEV.

    A forum post on commonly heard diminutives for Geneviève:

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