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    Something like Sylvia/Sylvie

    My husband and I are expecting a little girl and we're having some serious problems with her name. Her first name will most likely be Violet or Amelia but we're arguing about her middle name.

    My husband really wants to honor his mother, Sylvia, as our daughter's middle name. But my problem is his ex-fiance's name is also Sylvia (but she usually went by Sylvie) and to save you all from a story you probably don't care's safe to say Sylvie and I hate each other. I know my husband has good intentions for using Sylvia, however whenever I hear it I can really only think of Sylvie Are there any alternatives that have the same meaning as Sylvia that may work? (Neither of us like Sylvian)

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    Because Sylvia means "from the woods," I think you could honor the name with any woodsy name.

    Here are some ideas:
    - Elowen (means "elm")
    - Wren (means "wren")
    - Briar (means "a thorny patch)
    - Juniper (means "juniper")
    - Olive/Olivia (means "olive tree")
    - Willow (means "willow tree")
    - Cassia (There is a cassia tree.)
    - Acacia (means "thorny")
    - Hazel (means "the hazelnut tree)
    - Maple (means "maple tree")
    - Linden (means "linden tree")
    - Arbor (means "arbor")
    - Aspen (means "aspen tree")
    - Laurel (means "laurel tree")
    - Raven (means "raven")
    - Hollis (means "dweller at the holly trees)
    - Holly (means "holly tree")
    - Pomona (is the goddess of fruit trees)
    - Aveline (means "the hazelnut tree")
    - Geneva (means "juniper tree")
    - Ivara (means "yew tree")
    - Linnea (means "twinflower, lime tree")
    - Daphne (means "laurel tree, bay tree")
    - Ellery (means "island with elder trees")
    - Ilana (means "oak tree")
    - Tamara (means "date palm tree")

    There are probably more, but here are some to get you started.

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    Olivia, Celia, and Amelia are all similar in sound... You could name her Violet Olivia, Violet Celia, or Violet Amelia...

    What is your Mother in laws middle name? What is her maiden name?
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    What about his moms middle name.

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    I really like Celia! I also like Hazel and Laurel. My mother in law doesn't have a middle name, otherwise that would've been my first suggestion to my husband

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