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    Simple and short - 20 kids

    Pic any topic i.e: flowers, colours, heros, gods, etc for each sex so for example all the girls 1st names are flowers and all the boys first names are Gods. Or if you find that difficult use certain letters like Samuel, Thomas, Mason etc as they all contain the letters M & S.

    Your Name:
    Husband's name:

    Boys Theme:
    Girls Theme:

    16 Year old Boy
    15 Year old Girl
    13 Year old Boy
    11 Year old Girl
    10 Year old Twin Boys
    8 Year old Girl
    7 Year old Girl
    6 Year old Triplets 2 girls, 1 Boy
    4 Year old Boy
    3 Year old Twins Girls
    18 month old Boy
    6 Week old Quints 3 Boys, 2 Girls

    Your Name: Lyndsie Jaye Caine
    Husband's name: Louis Aldan Caine

    Girls Theme: Girls start & end with the letter A, middle letter is name of goddess
    Boys Theme: 5 letters long & end in an N, middle name is a god.

    16 Year old Boy: Logan Tyr
    15 Year old Girl: Alexandria Juno
    13 Year old Boy: Ethan Mars
    11 Year old Girl: Andromeda Isis
    10 Year old Twin Boys: Caden Apollo & Jaden Artemis
    8 Year old Girl: Aneliesa Vesta
    7 Year old Girl: Arianna Aphrodite
    6 Year old Triplets 2 girls, 1 Boy: Alma Freyja, Alessa Minerva, Keven Ra
    4 Year old Boy: Dylan Anubis
    3 Year old Twins Girls: Amanda Maia & Amelia Gaia
    18 month old Boy: Galen Horus
    6 Week old Quints 3 Boys, 2 Girls: Ronan Thor, Aiden Set, Quinn Poseidon, Aurora Diana & Ava Flora

    Mummy to my little Egyptian Sun God RA (9/1/10)
    & Girlfriend to his Red Devil Daddy Steve (Since 26/4/08)

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    Re: Simple and short - 20 kids

    Your Name: Liza Ilana
    Husband's name: Samuel John

    Boys Theme: all start with C, middle names have 2 syllables
    Girls Theme: all start with A, middle ends in A

    16 Year old Boy- Carson Samuel
    15 Year old Girl- Audrey Julia
    13 Year old Boy- Carter Thomas
    11 Year old Girl- Avery Olivia
    10 Year old Twin Boys- Corey Robert, Cameron Michael
    8 Year old Girl- Ariana Jenna
    7 Year old Girl- Amelia Monica
    6 Year old Triplets 2 girls, 1 Boy- Cooper Noah, Allison Kayla, Annie Isabella
    4 Year old Boy- Collin Matthew
    3 Year old Twins Girls- Alexis Daniela, Ava Sophia
    18 month old Boy- Chase Adam
    6 Week old Quints 3 Boys, 2 Girls- Cole Jackson, Conner Liam, Cody Maxwell, Alyssa Gabriella, Abigail Emma

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    Re: Simple and short - 20 kids

    Your Name: Ames Remember
    Husband's name: Henry Blue

    Boys- Hero First Names & Animal Middle Names
    Girls Theme: Place First Names & Word Middle Names

    (16) Holden Drake
    (15) Asia True
    (13) Ajax Grayling
    (11) Holland Bell
    (10) Barnes Taurus & Bayard Finch
    (8) Jersey Snow
    (7) Kenya Story
    (6) Sawyer Phoenix, Sidney Cadence, Sahara Cami
    (4) Leander Fox
    (3) Ireland Dream & India Haven
    (18m) Dylan Hart
    (6w) Tristan Falcon, Romeo Sparrow, Curran Jay, Sicily Dove, Raleigh Echo

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    Re: Simple and short - 20 kids

    Your Name: Jordan Lizz
    Husband's name: Grant Humphrey

    Boys Theme: fn Astronomy related, mn Biblical
    Girls Theme: fn plants, mn ends in "-ine"

    16 Year old Boy - Orion Phillip
    15 Year old Girl - Bryony Justine
    13 Year old Boy -Sirius Alexander
    11 Year old Girl - Jasmine Christine
    10 Year old Twin Boys -Apollo Lemuel & Mercury Joseph
    8 Year old Girl -Heather Jensine
    7 Year old Girl - Aster Elaine
    6 Year old Triplets 2 girls, 1 Boy -Rose Maxine, Lily Janine, & Aries Joel
    4 Year old Boy- Starr Tobias
    3 Year old Twins Girls -Amarantha Sophine & Iris Nadine
    18 month old Boy- Leo Benjamin
    6 Week old Quints 3 Boys, 2 Girls -Rigel John, Jet Nathaniel, Taurean Luke, Violet Catherine, & Chloe Madeline

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    Re: Simple and short - 20 kids

    Boys Theme: FN - Musician/band related; MN - Nature related
    Girls Theme: FN - Unisex name; Mn - Nature related

    DH: Elton Forrest
    DW: Bailey Ginger

    DS: Jackson Reed (16)
    DD: Madison Olive (15)
    DS: Dylan Clay (13)
    DD: Kennedy Jasmine (11)
    DS: Cole Linden (10)
    DS: Nash Hickory (10)
    DD: Avery Rose (8)
    DD: Landry Iris (7)
    DD: Jayden Lily (6)
    DD: Jordyn Lilac (6)
    DS: Jagger Sage (6)
    DS: Lennon Stone (4)
    DD: Rylee Marigold (3)
    DD: Reese Magnolia (3)
    DS: Crosby Branch (18 mos)
    DS: Hendrix Lake (6 weeks)
    DS: Axel Brooks (6 weeks)
    DS: Zepplin River (6 weeks)
    DD: Presley Violet (6 weeks)
    DD: Journey Willow (6 weeks)

    Elton and Bailey; Jackson, Maddie, Dylan, Kennedy, Cole, Nash, Avery, Landry, Jayden, Jordyn, Jagger, Lennon, Rylee, Reese, Crosby, Hendrix, Axel, Zepplin, Presley and Journey
    Current Favorites
    Audrey Caroline / Lily Elizabeth / Sadie Rebekah
    Grant Harrison / Levi Charles / Reid Samuel

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