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Thread: Gwen

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    Gwen is a ravishing name, it makes me think of powerful Queen Guinevere and rock girl Gwen Stefani. Gwendolen is my favorite full form but there also are Gwenllian, Gwenfair, Gweneira/Gwyneira ,Gwenffrewi, Gwennan, Gwenaelle and Gwenda.
    One more thing: Gwen was used by Oscar Wilde, Arthur Hailey and Agatha Christie in their works and this fact makes me love Gwen even more!

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    For some reason, even though I love all the long versions of Gwen, I just don't like it alone, even as a nn. My favourite Gwen name is Gwenllian but I wouldn't recommend that since no one could pronounce the Welsh ll. My second favourite Gwen name is Gwenno. I just love it. It an old Welsh name for the planet Venus. I also like Gwynedd a lot, great alternative for Gwyneth, the pronounciation is the same but no actress connection. Other names I like Gwenda, Gwendolen, Gwennan, Gwenlyn.

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    I like it by itself and as a longer version. My favourite is definitely Gwendolyn which I think is a stunning name.

    However, that being said I think Gwen has enough substance to stand on it's own. It's short, spunky and suits all ages!
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    I'm a Gwendolyn nn Gwen. I don't know that I'll ever grow into Gwendolyn. I used to utterly loathe it, now I'm like "eh, at least it's unusual." And it's kind of nice to have the option of a full name, as well as the literary connections. Still, I much much much prefer Gwen. It is absolutely me, and feels perfectly balanced. I wouldn't mind being named Gwen by itself.

    That said, my favorite long forms are Guinevere (I used to desperately wish my name was Guinevere) and Gwenllian. The only one I really dislike is Gwyneth.
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    My grandmother's name was Gwenda (her mother was Welsh) and I always liked the name Gwen. We chose Gwyneth for our daughter (even though she is almost exclusively Gwen at home) and no one has ever asked me if I named her after the actress. I think Gwen can easily stand on its own (like Gwen Stefani) especially if none of the longer versions of the name grab you. I would say the names out loud and write them down over and over again with your last name and see which was sounds better to you. Good luck!

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