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    Caroline Question and Middle Names

    Hi Berries! Caroline is one of our top choices for our June baby. But now that the new 2013 rankings are out, I had some questions...

    1. Do you think Caroline is going to get even more popular in the next few years? Since 2007, it's moved from #99 up to #63 on the US social security rankings, and I've read recently that it's hugely popular in the South. I'm in a big midwest city, and I barely hear it used here (it was #94 in my state). I'd love to pick a name that doesn't end up in the top 10-20 in the next few years!

    2. I have 2 middle names picked out: Caroline Marina or Caroline Emilia. I'm favoring Marina, but it's very close to my own name (M@ris@). I always loved that my name had a water-related meaning, and since Marina means "from the sea" I thought it'd be a nice connection. But if you saw her name, would you think I was naming her after myself?

    Thanks for the input Berries, you're always so helpful!

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    1. In a word, yes. It's a classic, and classics never fall too far before they start to rise back up. Whether it will ever crack the top 10-20 in your area,'re most familiar with where you live, so your guess is probably better than mine.

    2. Personally, I prefer the sound/look of Caroline Emilia since the -N/M- sounds of Caroline Marina bump into each other a bit. But Marina is gorgeous, and I wouldn't assume you were naming her after yourself at all. And so what if you were? Men get sons named after them far too often. I think moms deserve more recognition. The Marisa/Marina connection is tasteful and pretty.
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    I'm also in the Midwest, and I have to say I haven't come across a Caroline under about 16 in a while. I really like the name and I have a feeling names like Cara and Clara will stay above Caroline popularity wise.. That being said I think Caroline Marina is really nice and the "ee" sound in Marina makes it different enough that I don't think it sounds very similar to your name, especially as it's her MN I think it's great!

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    I love the name Caroline, and while it may have risen to #63 in the past few years, I don't see it becoming hugely popular, especially since it is not popular where you live right now.
    I do like Caroline Marina, and I like its connection to your name. I would not assume you are naming your baby after yourself by using Marina. But even if you are - so what? You are her mother, after all.

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    I love Caroline!! Even though it's in the top 100, I've never met a Caroline. Two of my girls are in school (1st and 3rd grades). There isn't a Caroline in either grade. Actually, I looked at the class lists for the four grades in their school. Not one Caroline in grades k-3.

    I think people get way too caught up in popularity. You can't predict whether there will be multiple of a name in a particular area. My oldest is named Delaney...number 190 the year she was born...and we've come across five different Delaneys (not all the exact same age but close). *shrug*.

    That being said, I think Caroline Marina is a beautiful name.

    Edited to add: I should point out, I also live in what is considered the Midwest (not in a large city though).
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