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    I love Opal but not paired with Noor. To me it kind of sounds like Open Door.

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    I like the names separately but with only four letters each and both names having heavy o sounds it feels a bit off. I agree though Opal Nora doesn’t flow well either.
    Have you considered Opal Elinor/Opal Eleonora I think the extra syllable helps with the flow and keeps the Nora/Noor sound that you seem to like intact.
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    Now I hear Open Door also I see what you are all saying. So you think that with Opal, a longer name in the middle will sound nicer? Like maybe

    Opal Everly
    Opal Catalina
    Opal Inara

    What about Opal Bloom?

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    LOL now Im singing Love is an Open Door from Frozen in my head! I love Opal Evelyn or PPs suggestion Opal Eleanor.

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    To me they don't flow quite right. Opal needs a more common name paired with it. Noor needs a longer and either a more common name, or another international name.

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