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Thread: Name for a God

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    Name for a God

    Genre of Story: Fantasy/Fiction

    Time Period/Location: A 'heaven' that watches over a world called Manae. Manae is home to shapeshifters that have both a human form and an animal form, and the animal counterpart goes to the 'heaven', so his world is filled with a vast wilderness that goes on for eternity. Manae is still a very young world, but the 'heaven' is ancient. Manae has very little technology and mainly is populated by hunter gatherers.

    Character Description: This character was once a shapeshifter (who took the form of a cougar) that lived in a harsh desert climate that had part of a god inside of him. Because of this, he represents the god within him in 'heaven' now that he has died, and watches over the main character. His human form is in the 'hell' so we only know him in his cougar form. Since he has
    Brief Plot: This character helped end a forbidden war against the ruling powers of Manae in ancient times. The god within was the god of nature and freedom.
    Who named the character: He is a very mysterious character so he may have been either been named simply by his parents or by an orphanage if his parents were killed in the war.

    Already Considered (if relevant): Sato (Sah-toh)

    Thank you!

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    renrose Guest
    So what style is the culture you've created for Manae? If it similar to any on earth so we can get an idea of the style of names you're going for?

    Otherwise, I may as well just suggest Bob, lol.

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    canadianmom3plus2 Guest
    Abooksigun means wild cat
    Eluwilussit means holy one

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    The culture in Manae depends on what area you are from, but this character was born in an area filled with desert and savannah, so he most likely lived as a nomad of some sort. Generally speaking, the full culture of Manae is very much like a combination of the Native Americans and the Celtics.

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    renrose Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by eclipsewatcher View Post
    Generally speaking, the full culture of Manae is very much like a combination of the Native Americans and the Celtics.
    Ok, here we go! This is the info that matters.

    Any of those? I quite like:




    Or you could mash the sounds together to make your own names. For example, just from the random names I picked...


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