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    Created names.. from a book..

    So today i randomly pulled out my baby name books just to see if it had the name I like for a future girl in there.. and to me surprise none of my books had the name in there.. So i was having a look and in the front of one of my books i noticed a paragraph or so for all types of names.. Mythological.. Muslim, America, other World names, Biblical etc.. And then saw the created names and i thought i would have a look.. So anyway to stop rambling the names on the list some of them i thought were quite cleverly made up!!/ created.. whatever way it is looked at.. lol

    In the paragraph for created names it said the following.. which i thought was quite interesting. (well i do.. lol)

    People have been thinking up names for centuries, so there's nothing to stop you creating your own name too.. many Arabic names are made up of two words put together, such as Abdulkahreem ( meaning generous servant). More recently, Americans have relished creating their own names with varying degrees of success. many modern names are inspired by nature, such as Willow, Cloud, Clementine, or Wren. but this isn't a new phenomenon; think back to age-old classics like Holly, Ivy, Ash or Dale.

    It then goes on more about thinking carefully about your child's name.. but then said some popular created names are and some of these i thought were clever.. ( some i have already heard of before but some i haven't)

    Girls names were:
    Brynlee, Donita, Elara, Izona, Jacelyn, Katesha(this I like..) Mirella, Ranika, Shailyn, Tenaya, Zaryn.

    Boys names were:
    Arric, Branton, Deveron, Estin, Jareth, Kylun , Rizi, Saulth, Talano (unusual flair to talon maybe) Trendon, Wylden,Xanthius & Zevlin.. (devlin with a z...)

    Just thought i would share as i was kinda impressed myself.. lol

    Im off to now hunt down some more books and see iof i can find anymore

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