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    Love your style. We seem to have similar tastes. There was nothing I REALLY NEEDED to say about your names, good or bad, so I just wanted to tell you good luck picking one! Let no one push you away from a name you love! Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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    Thank you all so much! This is really helpful You've really started up all the gears in my head, I need that.

    @mischa - It's awesome that you hate Wystan so much :P I always pronounced it more like wistful, Wyst- or at least Wys- being one syllable, -tan or -an being the second, so I never noticed the Why Stan thing...
    I'm currently rethinking at least Conran, Devran, Jory, Joss, Macsen and yes, Wystan. And I'm looking into my fascination with -s ending names.... I can't have four on the final list of 12, that's way too many!

    @hanbow - I'm from Norway, so most of these names aren't even used here (I met a Wilco recently though, he was Dutch but the name worked surprisingly well!).
    I'm glad you like Falco, I'm beginning to think it's one for the list. Thank you also for your suggestions, Caspian and Bardo are both very nice, I will definitely ruminate on Bardo for a while!
    It's very intersting that you find both Ambrose and Emrys feminine (they are related after all). Do you have any thoughts on why?

    @grace_newgrace - Thank you! I love that Idris is first on your list, it's one I can't seem to let go of!
    I always have to look twice when I see Sirius, but I'm thinking it might be the look of it I like more than the sound. You're the sirst to show some love for Osiris, I'm thinking I might ditch Sirius and think some more on Osiris.
    I like your style as well, you've reminded me of Rio! I like Lev to, but I like Leonidas more. Maybe I could go all semi-Russian and use Lev as a nickname for Leonidas?? Also, assuming that the green names in your sig are unisex, I love seeing Fable there!! I thought I was the only one who had considered it but this makes two! It seems more possible now, so thank you for that!

    @lavenderbelle - Ugh, I never noticed the orifice thing, that need serious thinking! Orpheus is one of the names I'm least certain about, so it looks very wobbly for him now....
    Wilco tha band yes. Wilco is a Dutch nickname for Wil-names, especially Willem if I remember correctly. I like Wilco more than Willem, but with so little love for Hallam I might switch it out with Willem nn Wilco.... It's something to consider, especially since I know about the band but don't really listen to their music...

    @eleminty - Thank you so much, we do seem to have similar tastes!
    Vesper, Saoirse, November, Larkin, River, Prosper and Bellamy are all on my extended lists, along with Sansa which I just love seeing in your signature! I also love how Jean really grounds the GP-esque Sansa, names so exclusively linked to fiction need some normalcy about them. Sansa has such a beautiful sound, but I wouldn't dare use it until I know what becomes of her in the books....
    I also love that Bellamy is on your boys list, that's where he belongs IMO ^^
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    Quite a few of these names I have on my list and love! I'll do a top 12 from the ones your considering and your current top 12. I've just commented where I really needed to.

    Ptolemy- Love this, I'd use it as a first! Has history behind it, and an appealing sound and look IMO. It's almost mystical and ancient, probably because I think of Ancient Egypt, but I love the imagery I get, of sand and golden desserts. The meaning is the only downside, but with boys named Hunter and Blade etc, it's not the worst.
    Orion- I love that it's a constellation, so it's got a connection to the stars and astronomy.
    Noam- I love the meaning, short and sweet.
    Edmund- Love this, (I have it as a middle), it's very refined and dignified
    Emrys- Another magical name (due to Merlin), really gentle and beautiful.
    Laszlo- Adventurous and energetic
    Alasdair- Love the look
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    I think our tastes are quite different, but I love quite a few of your picks.

    Jorah - Interesting, but I do prefer Jory.
    Silas - All right. This one doesn't do anything for me, but it's nice enough.
    Hallam - The dead guy from Tennyson's In Memoriam and the lesser university (the ex polytechnic) in my university city. I hate it, sorry.
    Idris - Beautiful, just the right level of unusual but still real, modern name.
    Emrys - Really lovely.
    Graeme - I prefer Graham but I guess you've thought about that. It seems a bit dull and dated compared to your other choices, a bit of a dad name in my book.
    Laszlo - Meh, it does nothing for me but it's doable.

    Emmanuel - Too Jesusy for my tastes.
    Alasdair - Very handsome indeed.
    Edmund - The coolest Pevensie child, I like the association.
    Samson - Not my style.
    Benno - Really cute! I'd think it would be better as a nickname for Benedict or Bernard, though.
    Casimir - Beautiful but I wouldn't do it to a real person.
    Clive/Claude/Clyde - Old men ahoy.
    Conran - I prefer Conrad, this looks a bit odd.
    Devran - This looks super odd.
    Elmo - I love this! The Sesame Street thing is annoying, but it's probably not a problem in Norway!
    Emmett - I find this one very dull.
    Galen - Like the Galenic system of humours? Meh, it's OK.
    Herne - Don't know how I'm supposed to say it, reminds me of hernia.
    Hugh/Hugo - All right, a bit rah. I think the Welsh spelling Huw gives it a bit more appeal for me.
    Ira/Ivo - Love Ivo, not so much Ira.
    Isidor - This is borderline usable... I would waver a bit.
    Jory - So great!
    Joss - Absolutely adorable. I would use it as a nickname probably though, maybe for Joseph? Or Jocelyn, why not?
    Judah - I find it dull, but it's perfectly all right.
    Lewis - Nice, I like it.
    Luc - Lovely
    Macsen - Although it's not, it does come off like a creative spelling of a trendy name.
    Noam - Chomsky. Usable but I'd sort of assume it was a Chomsky tribute (I know someone who loves Chomsky who did use this for his son's middle name)
    Oísin - So lovely! It's gorgeous but just not practical outside of Ireland I wouldn't think.
    Pascal - I LOVE this name! Unusual yet recognisable, it's perfect.
    Ramsay - Surname.
    Roshan - Interesting, could work.
    Sayer - Surname.
    Severin - Yes! Gorgeous.
    Sirius - Harry Potter stole this one, sorry.
    Verne - Old man.
    Vincent - All right, I'm not into it but it's nice.
    Wilco - Surprised how much I like this! I also love Wiley.
    Wystan - W. H. Auden. I have a soft spot for his poetry, but I don't like his name.

    The ones I didn't mention are the ones I think are either a bit or way too much for a real person to carry. It's a priority for me to choose names that I think will not cause the bearer regular annoyance or hassle, or cause too many raised eyebrows. I know it's not a popular opinion around here, but personally I do care what society thinks and how I think other people will see a name (only because it's not the child's decision, so it's not an expression of themselves - in general I'm all for defying society's expectations if there's no reason for them). So I can't get behind a number of these, but it's true you can't please everyone and if you like them and genuinely think you would like to be named that yourself (if you were male), then go for it.



    I don't know, I guess if you had a 1000 you probably looked at most names before!
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    @dearest- Ah right, I'm from the UK so some of my comments were of little help! Yes, definitely add Falco to the list as it is so cool and fits well with your style. I love the name Bardo! It is original enough which I like but has so much going for it. If you don't mind me asking, what're your thoughts on it? I think for Ambrose it is the -rose ending as that is a traditional girls name and for Emrys I think it is the fact that the prefix em- is the start of many feminine names (Emma, Embry, Emily etc) X
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