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    I love Asa and Wyatt, and Weston and Wyatt for that matter. I think you should go with whatever is your favorite, and not worry too much about if people give you flack because once the twins are born they will get used to the names that you give them. Asa is a perfectly good name (I have a little cousin named Asa and I think it's so cute!). As for Weston, I think it has a lot of different sounds from Wyatt so they aren't really matchy except for the first letter. Twin names always end up sounding like they go together in my opinion, regardless or what letter they begin with. So I think if you like Weston it would be cute rather than matchy.
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    I really love Wyatt.... Its very masculine and original. The other names seem more trendy... Instead of finding names that sound similar maybe try searching names with similar meaning. I love Wyatt with Owen. Wyatt means "brave in war" and Owen means "young warrior"... They don't sound alike but the meanings go well together. I also like Casey it means "brave in battle" ...Congratulations!!

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    What about Wyatt and Emmett or Wyatt and Colton?

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    I really liked Wyatt and Owen due to the similar meanings but couldn't convince dad. Wyatt and Emmett was also a pick of mine. I liked the shared double T but their daddy again vetoed so the search continues. We both still like Asa but have had people tell us it's a girls name or that they will be teased and called A#*.

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