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Thread: Strong maybes

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    Thanks. I've added a few.

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    I love Bridget, Lila, Thea, Noa and Clara. Bridget and Lila are on my list though I much prefer Lila spelt Leela (I keep going to say Lie-luh for Lila.)
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    I love Greta, Calla, Lena, and Thea. I love Leda even more than Lena.

    sorry for any repeats, but I also love

    Mira, Mila, Esme, Etta, Zara, Zora, Zola, Xanthe, Zelda, Alma, Cassia (prn CAH-shuh), Ingrid, Astrid, Nola, Oona, Vera, Phoebe, Sylvie, Saoirse...
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