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    Middle name for Fern

    Baby #2 (unknown gender) is coming in June and we can't decide on a middle name if it's a girl. First name will most likely be Fern. Last name is also a short, one-syllable name, starting with H, so we'd like a middle name with 2 or 3 syllables. We already have a son named Emory Vance--Vance is my maternal grandfather's name--and we'd prefer to use another family name in the middle spot, but would consider non-family names.

    Here's what we're considering right now, all family names:

    Fern Eloise (family connection is pretty loose here, but we like the 3-syllable sound)
    Fern Lorraine
    Fern Louise
    Fern Mardell (not really our style, but my deceased mother's name)
    Fern Ruby

    Which combo do you like best? Any others to consider? Thanks!

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