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    honest opinions on these names?


    any nicknames too please?
    possible second names?
    -amelia, elsa, kornelia (my name), joanna, anastasia

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    I really like Lena, the only nickname I can think of is Lee but not even sure about it

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    Would you think about dropping the "d" from your second option? I only suggest it as Arianna Kornelia sounds really lovely together. Ari or Anna both make nice nic names.

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    Lena- I love this and don't think it even needs a nn!
    Adrianna- nn could also be Adge. A friend of mine is Adrien and we call her A or Adge. I prefer Adrienne or Ariana to Adrianna, personally.
    Melania- seems exotic to me, Lanie/Lani would be a cute nn

    My favorite from your list is Lena. I don't love the sound of both first and middle ending in "a", though it depends on your last name and I do actually like Ariana kornelia suggested above, so what do I know?! Good luck!
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    I think Lena is cute. I don't like the other two.

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