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    I thought Alden was pronounced like Alvin at first so I do think it will be common to have it mispronounced, but that's not a huge deal. No one ever pronounces my name right and I'm pretty mellow about the whole thing.

    Asher isn't too feminine, it's also pretty popular so the kids at least won't be thinking of it any other way. Ashley actually was a boys name, originally. Think Gone With the Wind. Archer is also a nice name. You can't go wrong with any of your options. Pick the one you both love the most.

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    Alden John is wonderful, one of my favorites actually. There are very few names that are free from pronunciation differences (even the classic Anna is said more than one way), so I wouldn't worry about that. Alden is not a name that is going to throw everybody into mass confusion.

    Out of all your fabulous options, Alden would be the winner in my opinion. Again, it's wonderful.

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    I like Archer John. Not really a fan of Asher or Alden.
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    I love Archer; I think it's the perfect way to get the adorable nn Archie, though it seems like you prefer other nns.
    Asher is a good name, it's just that I have met far too many people whose name starts with Ash- usually Ashley, sometimes Ashton. It just loses its specialness to hear something over and over again.

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    Asher Gabriel is one of my favourite ever combo's - I'd love to name a future son that but my partner dislikes Asher. This would be my favourite of the three.

    Alden is a handsome pick, it's unique and interesting without being weird. It could end sound a little like "all done" but people would get used to it.

    Archer is great but I'm put off by the nickname Archie which is so common in the UK!

    Asher would get my vote.

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