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    Thank you for your feedback everyone.

    My first name is Christine so I'm not sure about giving her my name as a MN although my husband suggested that too.
    I like Kate and even maybe Cate? I've got a bit of a thing about the initials being ACE (though not essential!)

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    Cate is beautiful! Annabelle Cate she will thank you for her entire life!

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    As Annabelle is quite a long name I'd choose a 1 or 2 syllable middle.
    I love Annabelle teamed with lots of names but as you seem to love ACE which is a pretty cool set of initials how about -
    Annabelle Claire
    Annabelle Cleo
    Annabelle Coco
    Annabelle Celeste - absolutely gorgeous IMO
    Annabelle Cora
    Annabelle Carys

    As mentioned above Annabelle Cait is also very beautiful.

    Good luck

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    I like Annabelle Ivy!

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