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    Does YOUR Sibset Work?

    Do you and your siblings' names work together as a sibset?

    I think my mom and dad did a good job of making all 8 names sound good together:

    Sawyer John, Roscoe Kemper and Rhett Boyd (<<twins), Alston Glenn, Levi Ross, Rivers Isaac, Jameson Georgia, and Luke Jamison.
    (Sawyer, Roscoe, Rhett, Alston, Levi, Rivers, Jamie, and Luke)

    Jamie Shaw
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    Whitney (Whit) Levi and Knox Rivers
    Baby Boy #3 due in July: Wayland Luke

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    I think my sibset goes pretty well. None of our names have similar sounds. My parents chose 2 normal names for my brothers and my name is super uncommon, but they work together. My sibset is William, Eleni, & Christian. I think that in reality, names don't have to be exactly the same style or popularity to work well together, and it is more important that you choose names you love than how perfect the sibset is.
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    I just have my brother, and I do not like our names together. His first name is after my dad, but he goes by his middle name, which is Jacob. So we're Jessica and Jacob. Your stereotypical late 80s babies.

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    I come from a pretty standard sibset

    William, Charlotte and Katherine [me]
    Mother to darling Mika Felicia and expecting another princess in August

    Iris GenevieveAya CelineCelia MadeleineLeah IsobelFreya ImogenCleo Amabel
    Viva TamsinNina KeslinNoa MadeleineHera VivienneTesla JosephineThessaly June

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    I like my sibset, Erin and Phillip. I think they both go well together because they are both family names!
    Love my little men- Alden Vaughan & Callum Otto <3

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