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    I also like claireelise's suggestion of James River and Callum West. The styles of both the first names and the second names match well but the sounds are different, which is good. I think River and West are a very cute combo.

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    It's your children. If those names have meaning for you and your husband, then go for it. I don't think they're too out there or crazy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grace_newgrace View Post
    James River (called River) and Cal West (called West) maybe?
    Love this!!

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    Hi Everyone,

    Wow, lot's of thoughts, thank you for responding! It is quite a mixed bag, which is nice because it seems really true to life.

    I should have clarified in my op-on my hub's side, there is a tradition that the first boy is named James, and each has a unique mn. There is a sea of James and we really want our son to have his own name. So, that is why James is in the fn place and will remain there. My hubs is a teacher and he doesn't think it will be a big problem going by a mn, minor things here and there, but he'll be able to handle it.

    emmabobemma-I really like Heath, and Solomon is so interesting (esp for a mn)
    lerenard-I really wish that celebrity wasn't a consideration when name our children-esp a reality star and a rapper on his way out
    lexiem-thank you
    misha-I'm aware of the James River in Virginia and from the pictures, it's gorgeous. If we ever travel to Virginia I'd love for James River to get a picture by the James River, how fun!
    sugasrplumfairy-what's funny is that there already is a sibset in our family with James and Wyatt, so that is def out. But it does go well.
    alphabetters-Thank you I'm glad you see what I see in the names. And I'm with you, Serena wordy? I was like whuuuuuuut????
    Claireelise-thank you, rugged, handsome and a little wild is exactly what I'm going for.
    jesslyn-nope, i'm not hippy dippy now (maybe a little hippie in my past though). I think that's what I like about nature names, its a refelction of my younger self.
    grace-newgrace-I do like the James River and Calvin West combo. I'm thinking I want a family name for the middle of twin B though and there are no West's in our background (shocker, huh

    I've talking with my husband, and he's starting to open up to the name Dylan.

    So, Serena Genevieve, James River and
    Dylan Joseph
    Calvin Joseph
    West Joseph (I think this is odd, what mn goes with West?)
    Calvin West
    Heath Joseph

    Last night he said he liked Ian (doesn't seem to fit) and Colton (fits, but not sure I'm into, have to think about it). Keep ideas coming, it helps! Boy names are really hard for me.
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